Carb Backloading

Hey guys
can you educate me about carb backloading?
does it really work ?
should i try it to loose body fat ?

It’s nothing magical, but provided your diet is good it’s a little tweak you can use to make it a little more effective.

You basically eat low carb during the day, then train in the late afternoon/evening and load up of carbs after.

Like I said - not magic, but it does have some value.

so should i try doing it ?
im tryin to loose the belly fat
i keep my protein to my macros
bt i want to learn how to manipulate carbs

yeah I mean it’s absolutely worth doing, but you still need to make sure your food choices are good and your calories are low enough to lose weight.

It’s not really a case of just eating loads of carbohydrate at night and losing weight. You need to have your diet locked in.

Doesn’t this compromise your workout if you are tying to gain strength? I like to try to cycle carbs around my workout, plenty before and after, but low the rest of the day. Is this better, or just different?

Na, if you sufficiently carb up after a workout then your glycogen stores will be full for the next time you train.

It takes a couple of low carb workouts for your glycogen to be truly depleted anyway.

Glycogen is stored for 48 hrs i think?
So how should i structure my diet
How much carbs to take after workout
I weight 165 pounds 5 feet 9 inch

not exactly, no, but it’s not important

It’s pretty simple really, just low carb before you train in the evenings, and then carbs after.[quote=“rishabh06, post:8, topic:217272”]
How much carbs to take after workout

Impossible to say really; you’re going to have to use a little trial and error. If I were in your position I would personally start at about 150g of carbs and adjust from there.

150 grams of carbs
how musch food i have to eat for that :sob:
isnt there any other way to grow muscle and get lean at the same time ?

150g of carbs is only 600 calories. It’s really not very much, and like I said it’s just a starting point from which you can make adjustments. You may find you need to eat less, or you may find you can get away with more. Depends on a lot of factors.

You would split the 150g of carbs over several meals. You wouldn’t eat it all in one go.

The key to growing muscle and losing fat at the same time is to eat well and lift weights, doing so consistently day in, day out for a very long time.

I don’t know if Kiefer actually recommends it (never bought the $80 book), but I keeps fats and fatty meats to before training and just protein/carbs postworkout. Keeps me honest and I can’t eat crap like pizza and donuts… yeah he says they’re great but I would go completely overboard on it. Easy way to limit calories. Just an idea. Yogi’s given good advice so far, listen to that.

Froot Loops and Apple Jacks are my post workout binge food. There, I’ve admitted.

I feel better.

Tub of frozen yogurt for me tonight. No ragrets.

Thanks guys for helpin out
Im planiing to have dis

Upon waking
Protein shake ,caffine 10 almonds

3 eggs whole
3 egg white
1 tsp peanut butter

250 gram chicken
Tomato cucumber bell pepper broccoli salad

Post workout
Shake den 15 min hiit

Dinner 40 min later
250gram chicken
200 gram rice
1 banana
Correct me whr im wrong

I’d say those look to be some good choices for meals. Personally, I like to eat a ton of veggies with my dinner to fill up and help eliminate the late night cravings. Also, the additional fiber can’t hurt.

looks alright to me, mate

Minor adjustments which you may want to consider. Look to add other meats so you get something other than chicken when you can - especially seafood.

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