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Carb Backloading?

I been trying it but i feel like I’m bastardizing what it means to be nutritionally responsible. I feel irresponsible and i also feel the effects of junk food in my system. Head aches and bowl movement changes.

To be fair I’m also bastardizing the recommendations. I can’t lift heavy so the program isn’t’ for me. Rather then have it on my schedule for post surgery and post rehab i’d like to tap into the forum.

Did you fail with carb starving during the day until a post lifting session in the evenings then junk fooding until bed?

I dont carb backload by Kiefers protocols but Im doing very well off low carb rest days and low carb until post workout on training days. I dont eat a lot of “crap” carbs though, Most of my carbs are oats, rice and fruit. Oh and Skittles!

Did you do his intro protocol to set yourself up properly?