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Carb Backloading Success with Powerlifters

I’m just looking for some success/failure stories with CBL and powerlifting. I competed for about a year and a half at 132lbs and I got so burned out on constantly eating clean that I’ve been walking around between 160-170 and competing in the 165’s where I am not nearly as competitive I could be as a solid 148. Being an ex fat kid this does seem like a pretty legitimate diet that will allow me to get my junk food fix and I know guys like Mark Bell are a huge advocate of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

ah, we’re in the exact same boat. I enjoy CBL. It’s easy enough without being awful. In my experience, though, you want to do it pretty strictly and cleanly (use mainly rice, white bread, sweet potatoes, etc. for the backloads) to walk around 155ish. the junkier backloads are okay sometimes, but when I was being really undisciplined, it was too easy to fall back to walkign around 165-170. from 155, a water cut to 148 is easy enough, theoretically. I can’t speak on strength losses at the meet, but maybe I can update you in a few months when I try it for the first time.

Vincent Dizenzo has used carb backloading for a few years. He’s cut down from SHW to 275. He’s been lower than that as well, but a 600 raw bench at 275 (his third weight class to hit that) is his current goal.

Mark Bell has had pretty good success with it. A lot of video information on his website. Supertraining.tv. The creator of the CBL theory (Ken Kieffer) does a lot of stuff on the site also.