Carb Backloading Soon, Help

hi guys, im thinking of doing carb backloading i have looked over it and i feel that it seems like a good lifestyle to have and would suit me so…

current stats …
sex: male
age: 22
weight: 137lbs
height: 5 foot 7 inches
current calorie intake on training days: 3500 (100f, 260p 320c)
goals: to bulk up and get to around 160lbs

1g per lb of bw in fats and protein so being 136lbs that would take me below 2000cals so would you recommend I do 1.5g per lb of bw in fat and protein so that I get the calories I needed? … Also when I do the backload on the carbs after training till midnight I would do 1g per lb of bodyweight or would you recommend I go higher like 1.5 or 2? Because atm I eat over 300g carbs in a day anyways â?¨â?¨if im on the right track how does this sound for my carb backloads …

��junkier day -
��keifer coffee - 140 cal 0.5c 15f 0.5p
��keifer coffee - 140 cal 0.5c 15f 0.5p ��
chicken and green veggies - 200cal 5c 3f 40p ��
3eggs and 3bacon - 400cal 0c 20.5f 35p
��train 4-6 ��straight
after - myprotein recovery xs - 275cal 50c 0.5f 25p
��pepperoni pizza - 970cal 42p 42f 104c
��cinnamon swirl pastry - 350cal 4.5p 22f 33c ��
100g rice krispies with 300ml milk - 485cal 16.5p 2f 100c

��= 2860cal 153p 120f 293c


  • â?¨â?¨same meals up to after the recovery xs then …
    ��100g gluten free pasta, pork belly slices, bbq sauce - 875cal 48p 34f 92c ��
    100g lion bar cereal with 300ml milk - 515cal 16.5p 8.3f 92c ��
    2 pop tarts - 400cal 4p 12f 70c

��= 2926cal 169p 109f 310c

���how does that sound is that enough macros? and the food choices are they any good?
also im looking to put on weight bulk up and atm im 22 years old, 5foot 7inches and 136lbs i eat 3500cals a day normally (100gfat 260gpro and about 320g carbs) so would you say them macros with them foods above are a good starting point for gaining some size? or is that too many carbs for my backloads?