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Carb Backloading Off Day?


I will eventually purchase the book,if i see gains off this trial but i was curious as to what the off day protocol was?


So, in other words, you go Ultra Low Carb like you do before a workout on a backload day (<30g carbs for the day)


Buy the book? You’re never going to be able to get it 100% correct without the book. Then if it doesn’t work the way you want it to you can’t really say that carb backloading didn’t work for you.


I’m curious as to why you are happy to purchase the book when you have a plan that works for you? surely if something works all you need to do is to … Keep doing it!

I guarantee whatever your doing is wrong. You might be incorporating some elements of carb-backloading i.e. the backload but not taking account all the other things that allow you to back load and make the “gains/fat loss” that you expect. All the info is only and only in Kiefers book.