Carb Backloading, Induction Phase Help?

Hello guys, I just joined this forum after reading forawhile since I need help with carb backloading. I reallyv want to start this tho, its so much to learn about carb backloading but I figure I will just start it tomorrow and then I can read more and learn as much as possible during the induction phase

so I’ll start it tomorrow. Ok so for the induction phase:
I weigh 172 lbs

Stats: 78-79kg/172lbs
height 5’10/178cm
BF: 18% (give or take, I have album of my body so u can see!)
lean body mass:141lbs

141LBMx1.1= 155x9 + 155x4. Around 2014 calories. Which is 155 g protein and 155g fats, say I eat 4 meals on a day. 155/4 which is 38g of protein and fats per meal. Is this meal breakdown and choice of foods OK?

I wake up around 6AM, go jog/HIIT on fasted stomach I eat breakfast 7AM ( does breakfast have 2 be hrs from waking up?

4 eggs (220g scrambled eggs)
20g butter

Chicken (fried in olive oil? same way as I did with eggs)
cheese ( the unhealthy one you use on pizza, normal bread cheese etc)

4pm pre workout
same as 12pm

5/6PM-7/8PM workout (Stronglifts 5x5 + some added hypertrophy movements after workout A and B. DB Presses + Cable flies after A and bent barbell rows after B)

8-9pm post workout

Does this seem about right?

Also I have a few questions, it have been written about creatine and leucine, whey isolate? Do I need these or can I do well without it?

For whey protein I am using Star Nutrition, which is Whey CONCENTRATE.

The flavoured versions which I am using contains sweetnings aspartame, I read somewhere on carbbackload they can fuck up something with insulin levels. If this is a problem I will tomorrow go and purchase the natural version, which is only whey protein.

Is the whey protein OK to use as protein source during the induction phase? I think it’s roughly 1-2 carbs per serving, not sure what kind of carbs though.

And question about the fat in nuts, it said that it should be used in moderation. E.g if whey protein is OK to use for protein source, is it ok to use nuts to fill up the 40g fat and protein whey 40g protein one meal everyday?

Cheese as a fat source is OK? (the unhealthy ones, for sandwiches, pizza cheese etc, cottage cheese)?

Again thanks for all answers appreciate it all

OK, Ok… first off… good job for taking an interest in nutrition at your age, it will serve you well. I’m assuming your goal is size? If so, make sure you go slow, as your bf is kind of high to focus on that.

Workout wise… I’d lay off the hypertrophy assistance for now and just do SL as is… it will be a short run, less than a year probably.

Nutrition: You’re young and growing, so you need carbs! Throw in a couple pieces of fruit during the day, a moderate amount of starchy carbs pre-workout, and a high amount of simple carbs post workout. You can have it other times as well, but have a little bit, or some (1/2 yam or something). I don’t think you need to resort to any fancy diet techniques at this stage.

A couple ounces of cheese/day is fine… as is 40g of fat from nuts.

Supplements: Use whey or not… the type doesn’t really matter right now. Just don’t become dependent on it and drink it 4x/day. I actually prefer natural, but normal get the sweetened because it’s cheaper.

Sorry if this isn’t what you’re looking for… just my pesos.

Hey, not exaclty what I was looking for. I read about something called carb backloading. It’s where you basically eat no carbs during the whole day, and the post-workout you eat alot of carbs to minimize fat gain( no carbs during day) and maximize muscle gain (carbs after workout) but u need to go no-carbs for 10 days so your body get used to it, this was what I was looking for.

For the induction phase, or CBL in general:

Don’t worry about the artificial sweeteners, it’s no biggie as long as you’re not taking in a crazy amount of them all through out the day, and honestly that’s still probably fine but just bad in a health stand point

You can only have 30g of carbs TOPS for teh day (excluding fiber). You can eat the nuts, but a good rule of thumb is never exceed 10g of carbs in a meal.

Also, you’re a 145 lbs and young. I love CBL, but for it to work you have to backload HARD. I eat roughly 500-600g of carbs most nights now, in a small window of time. If you have a weird school schedule, or have trouble eating enough to gain weight, this is NOT for you. No way of eating is perfect, only perfect for YOU. Pick a diet suitable for yourself and your goals. Not trying to discourage you, just think about that.