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Carb Back Loading


I've purchased Kiefer's book. I know a lot of people are wondering just how well a protocol like this works in real life. I was planning on running it and posting daily updates and pictures to track my progress along with a detailed list of what I eat, when, and how much. Is anyone on here interested in seeing the progress themselves? If there is some interest I'll go ahead and start on Monday assuming people want to see how this really unfolds.


DO IT!!!


ditto. even though I have my own evidence by using some of Keifers priniciples Id be very interested to see others results using the full plan.


Ha two followers! Going strong! I'm sure this thread will pick up more as my updates come up


would like to see. I also will be purchasing the book, although will probably not start the diet right away.


YOu do there already is a thread just a couple below this one right....but probably better to have your own thread. I will certainly follow. You gonna lay out a plan at all?


It looks like that one was to discuss the book. My plan with this thread is a raw account for how it works. There unfortunately will be a couple things left out like the leucine/creatine and super special protein blends until I can afford them (just graduated from college, I'm poor lol). But besides a couple small items left out I'll be following it to the letter, and reporting my progress daily. This will include weight, pictures, exact times and things eaten, training etc etc.


There is also already a thread devoted to that subject: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/carb_backloading?id=3903461&pageNo=0

That little white box in the top right-hand corner of the page works wonders. But then again might as well start your own thread so everyone can come in here, pat your heiny and tell you that its special.


Yes please do. I want to purchase the book but think $80 is the most asinine price I have ever seen. Its a book, lets relax a little bit. Ill follow his protocol based on whats on his blog. I have been doing it and havnt noticed a huge change in body fat, so it seems to be working. I have put on some size so I will continue with rice post workout until a few hours before bed


Don't worry about not having the supplements. That is not necessary. It is optimal. You can be a control. Hopefully someone else on here will follow the supplementation to the T and we can judge the results.

I personally don't think the supplements will make a huge difference for a non Elite level athlete.

I figure a few items would be beneficial if you can get them.

Whey Isolate is not much more than a regular protein product. I bought 5lbs. from Protein Factory for $50 including shipping.

Leucine. Bought for less than 30 bucks.

Creatine. Cheap enough to afford.

I also bought some Dextrose but I would imagine you could just eat whitebread to get Post workout carbs.

And last Coffee.

They Whey Isolate I will use sparingly. And use my regular whey product in larger amounts.

I spent rougly 100 bucks on all the supps. It can be done on a budget.


OK well It turns out I'll be starting the Preparation phase today because I want to be able to eat a normal christmas dinner and not completely derail my results. I'll be posting all the usual info along with pics later this evening.


Oh and does anyone have a standard "here are my goals and general info about me" form available?



1) Height: 6?3?

2) Weight: 237

3) Number of years training seriously: 6 years

4) Training experience, including current program: Ex-competitive strongman and powerlifter. Have been using compound free weight movements my entire training career. Currently use 5/3/1, but have maxes set at MP-160, B-250, SQ-315, DL-405. Will not be going heavier than these due to injuries, but will continue to perform rep records

5) Olympic-lift variations you know how to perform: Horribly ugly power clean

6) Athletic background: None till I was 18, joined a gym. Played 2 years of competitive hockey in College

Primary fitness goal (choose one): Be less awful (fat)

Secondary fitness goal (choose one): Be more awesome (stronger)

A third goal to add into this is the ?how to look freakin awesome? post by John R. That?s my goal size wise

9) Days per week you can train: 4 usually

10) Amount of time available to train each workout: 2 hours

11) Time of day you train: currently 4-6pm

12) Do you have certain days available for twice-a-day workouts? If I wanted yes, occasionally morning fasted cardio is performed. This is usually a 4 mile walk in 1 hour. However Kiefer recommends HIIT, so the prowler is now being dusted off to be used PWO.

13) Your daily schedule: Wake up, fuck around. Will be getting my cert as a Personal Trainer after Christmas. At that time schedule will change.

14) Current injuries (if any): torn meniscus left and right knees (left trimmed 6 months ago) Strained MCL in right knee (2 years old) Cartilage damage in left knee that is being watched for second surgery. No pain, just swelling in left knee pretty much all the time lol (surgeon says it?s to be expected)

15) Lifts (if any) you need to avoid due to safety issues: squats below parallel. I now use a box.

16) Do you currently have trouble falling asleep at bedtime? No

17) When you wake up in the morning, are you an easy starter or you do
need some extra time and stimulants to start your day? Can be either. Usually easy with a cup of coffee

18) Health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.): None

19) Total calories consumed on training days: whatever

20) Total calories consumed on non-training days: whatever

21) Total grams of carbs consumed on training days: During the prep phase all carbs on all days are kept below 30g for the next 10 days.

22) Total grams of carbs consumed on non-training days: See above.

Describe in detail your workout nutrition: Eat, lift, push prowler. No carbs for 10 days. Usually one meal before workouts. Then backload the other meals post training, or on off days space them out evenly from noon-bedtime.

Stats as of 12/16/2011 in the AM: All measurements are relaxed and non flexed. Arms at sides.

weight 237
height 6?3?

r bicep 15.5
l bicep 15.5

navel 38

chest 46
around shoulders 54

right thigh 25
left thigh 25

right calf 14
left calf 14

Pics will follow in the morning.

9:00 wake up- cup of coffee with 2tbs heavy cream and 1g of Coconut oil
11:30 Same cup of coffee as earlier
13:30 6oz chicken breast and 1/2 cup cottage cheese- 5g of carbs
17:00 7oz chicken breast, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup mixed veggies- 7g of carbs
19:00 3 eggs and 2 slices of bacon- 3g carbs
21:30 9oz chicken 1/4 cup veggies, 1/4 cup Cottage cheese


I am assuming this is the prep phase. I haven't read the book, but shouldn't fats be higher?


It is the prep phase yes. That's part of the use of the coconut oil. And I'm sure I'll start including more fats as I come across them. My main concern was to keep the carbs below 30g a day. which I did yesterday, with 22g total


And an addition to that. My goals to look awesome based on my measurements:

Arm size: Current: 15.5" Goal: 19" +3.5"

Calf size: Current: 14" Goal: 19" +5"

Neck Size: Current: 18.5" Goal: 19" +.5"

Waist size: Current: 38" Goal: 34" -4"

Shoulder size (based on goal waist) Current: 54" Goal: 55" +1"

Thigh size: Current 25" Goal: 27" +2"

Forearm size: Current: 12.5" Goal: 15" +2.5"

The article that these goals came from is here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/how_to_look_freakin_awesome


Wow, that is incredibly low. Should be interesting to see how it works.


He has a table in the book to determine carbs from how much weight you drop on that. My god i am going to drop a lot from carbs that low for 7 days. I drop 6lbs from one day on low to no carb


I saw that table. But I'm slightly skeptical. If I dropped 7 pounds, which might not be hard to do I'd have to eat 700g each backload? Am I reading that correctly? That's a lot of sticky rice and bagels lol


Thats the target to shoot for as the top range. So if you dont make it that high thats alright. That just means that on an off day once in a while you might need to still backload. It all depends on how your body responds.