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Carb Back Loading Questions


Hey guys I've been looking at carb back loading as a diet plan for my bulk. But I had a couple of questions before I decide to start it up. First off, is there a caloric limit on this program because the amount of carbs I would be eating would put me past my current lean bulk calories. Is this nutrient timing so effective that i ahouldnt worry about my body storing fat? Should I invest in the book or is the information in online articles enough to follow this plan?


I would buy the book. I was just getting bits and pieces from the articles at first, but once I bought it, I realized how much info i was missing out on.


Alright I'll buy it and how is the diet working for you?


I have used it also and it has worked wonders. It has helped me lean out considerably while still eating pretty much whatever I wanted on training days. It is a great diet. Hopefully you have positive results also.