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Carb Back Loading Help


Hey guys, I want to try the 'Carb back loading' technique to put on some quality size while remaining the leanest possible. I am currently at around 10.5% body fat, 184 pounds , 5 feet 9. I am 19 years old. In one month it will be 2 years that I started lifting. Currently doing cardio x4 times a week low intensity incline tm (30-45min). I eat 6 meals a day plus a shake post work out . How would you guys do the carb back load if you were me?

9 AM: Meal 1: Protein/Fats Or should I completely skip it ?

11-11:30 AM: Meal 2: Protein/Green veggies/Fats

1-1:30 PM : Protein/veggies (Pre workout) 2g l cartintine, 400mg green tea extract, 1g cayenne pepper , dark coffee

4-4:30 PM: Post workout protein shake with 5g glutamine

5 PM: Meal 4: Protein/Carbs

6:30-7PM :Meal 5: Protein/Carbs

9-10PM : Meal 6: Protein/Carbs

Would I benefit more from consuming carbs during my peri-workout period ?

Let me know, Im really intrested in this approach..I can post my pictures if needed

Thank you


Interested to see how you go with this.
I do something similar as you have outlined.

I do a mini fast and then..

10:30am: 40 grams of nuts.
12:00pm: protein and fats
2:00pm: protein, fat and maybe a little carbs
4:30pm: protein and carbs (pre-workout) (usually tuna and a cup of rice, & piece of fruit)
6:30pm: protein and carbs (usually protein shake and gluten free crepes or cinnamon bun)
7:30: protein and carbs (biggest meal of the day).

On rest days, I just save my carbs for the last meal of the day and even then I try and keep it on the low side of things.

Uncle Bird.



Thanks for your reply dude but I haven't started it yet. Im really interested in trying this for my next ''Bulk'' (Lol I hate this term sorry). Out of curiosity, Whats your macronutrient intake if you know it?



Having some carbs intra-WO are a good idea if your sessions are longer or heavy in volume. I keep 30-50g of carbs in my IntraWO shake and I consider myself a CBL'er lol


Hi dude,

I no longer weigh my food, although I used to, so now I just eyeball my food.

My rough targets are;

Training days;
Protein: 200+ grams
Carbs: 300-400 grams (with the majority consumed in the hours after training.
Fats: About 80-90

Rest days:
Protein: 200+ grams
Carbs: I try to keep it below 150 grams.
Fats: anything from about 90-130