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Carb Back Loading Book


Love him or hate him, Kiefer is smart as hell.

Interested to see if anyone here read the book and what they think.


I'll be getting it - though I do prefer hard-copies over e-books. I've applied carb back loading on my own with good results, it'll be nice to have a bit more guidance than the few articles that he's put out.


I was one of the few that got it for freeeee

Edit: Already read a lot of it..it's put together pretty damn well and well cited. The science is in there if you are into that and you can just skip to the meat if you aren't.


Lucky bastard.

I've read the entire "get started now" feature, which is concise. I will still be going back to try and digest all of the science.


The price is pretty steep but I am tempted to just suck it up and buy it while it is still $10 cheaper. Is it worth it?


I've been pretty tempted to buy this today, especially at it's current discounted price! Anyone know how many pages it is and if it's really worth the 70ish dollars?


327 dunno if its worth it but thats how long it is. I need to read it before i can say if it was worth it. But really its fun to learn something new so 70 no big deal realy.


From the articles I read it seems to really talk about training in the morning. From what you have skimmed through, does that appear to be the whole basis for the book?


Book is 327 pages. Just got it. Read about 70 pages. Very insightful. The value of buying it early comes with discounted updates on the book and discounted membership to the software he is developing for the diet and shockwave protocol.

I am just getting to the meat. I have been experimenting with it so far and like what I am doing. It may be pshycological but I can see a difference in body composition in two weeks.


Also read 70ish pages and its good stuff so far. I will be interested to hear if any of the Scientific smart guys share their thoughts....Modok bonez ect


Anyone who read the book wonder about the absurd amount of caffeine he reccomends? up 800mg for traning and cups of coffee in the morning...


He explains the importance of the caffeine in the book. But he also states that it is not necessary for Carbbackloading only an add on advisable for people looking to get every last drop out of the diet.

The coffee is not all due to the caffeine but the caffeine does help reduce Grelin which stimulates hunger.

I read the whole thing yesterday and the major concern I have is the abundance of supplements he recommends. He does state that they are optional and used only to optimize the diet.


I agree he said it was optional but 800mg at 500pm how does he sleep? ALso what about the adrenals becoming overly stressed from all the caffeine.... Dont get me wrong i like this style of eating (IF and backloading) but you have to worry about long term health and hormonal balance as well. I actually will have a problem wiht eatig shit as i dont have that in my house and actually perfer brown rice and oatmeal and what not.


Are you on DH forum?

yeah i hear you. I don't know if I will do the caffeine either. Maybe preworkout but not later in the evening. I understand the benefits but I am not a competitive athlete.

I am going to strive to use Whey Isolate primarily while taking my regular whey toward the later part of the day. I plan on getting some Leucine and upping my creatine intake. And have been drinking coffee pre workout as well.

Anyone have a problem with Coconut Oil in coffee? When the coffee cools down the oil solidifies. Gets nasty.


The only thing I can't figure is...I train fasted but, in the evening.. I need atleast 10g BCAAs preworkout, and I sip on another 10g BCAAs during my workout. I'm not sure if this negates anything due to the insulin response from the Leucine. I posted this question on the DH forums and got a vague response from Naomi. I'm waiting to hear from the man himself.

Also...On an IF schedule, I can't really consume more than 50kcal during the period of the fast. Therefore, 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil we are looking at 120-240kcal..certainly enough to break the fasted state. I asked about that as well, but according to the book..he claims our bodies respond identically to a lowcarb, high fat diet as it would to no food at all (fasted). I find that hard to swallow..


facko - sometimes trying to combine too many different protocols leaves you simply failing. Personally, I'd give IF and Carb backloading their respective time done exactly as written, than decide which is best for you.


Or you could do backloading as written see the results. Compare to what you have got from IF then try a combo and compare results too the two before. That would be best that way you can compare all of them


I know when backloading he likes to say eat pizza and burgers and fries but these dont seem to be able to spike your insulin (which is what he wants) all the fat and size of the meal should slow digestion and keep the insulin spikes actually pretty low even if you add a bunch of simple sugars with it....or am is my thinking off?


How I take it is that you want to spike your insulin high immediately PWO, with high gi carbs. Then in your PWO meal about and hour or two after that is when you want to shovel the shit down, insulin is already high, muscle is primed for nutrients and those cals go to good use.

I realize this is probably a bastardization of the science behind back-loading, but its just my poor-man's synopsis of what happens.


I have a question regarding back-loading. I know when it comes to dieting, it's different strokes for different folks... but why does Keifer feel back-loading is so much superior to more 'peri-workout' geared diets, where carbs are emphasized pre-, during, and post- workout?? I know Stu and (maybe) Bonez finds this superior.

I know Keifer wrote an article for T-Nation not to long ago, anyway he may jump in on this discussion??