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Carb Back Loading 2.0



Link to first thread. Let's keep this going.


In response to Thoughts' threadkiller,

I agree that the full, unadulterated CBL post comp could be a disaster. But it sounds like you have a really good handle on how to progress it. I still think it will prove interesting.


@ Wiggles: Thank you very much for the feedback/suggestion :slight_smile: Tried it out today and felt just fine.
ps. not to toot my own horn but I do think I am a pretty darn good Lulu.


I now i wouldnt be able to come in post contest and do the straight dirty CBL i woudl need a plan laid out otherwise i would just demolish way too much food. Thats what i do now because i have no plan. I dont do well withotu structure lolz. I am the king of justification. Oh i am trying to gain as much weight as i can so i need to eat more


In day 5 of prep phase right now, energy is still really high. Looking forward to a Wegmans sub and some chinese buffet next week though.


On CBL specifically?

Ive had enough success with Leucine to know its worth using for bursts. Could only help on CBL. More useful when you are lower in calories.


Been doing Jury Duty for a week and a bit. Had to change my diet around somewhat. Backloads have been random. One night was 400g chicken (80g protein) and salsa with pita bread (80g carb) half a tub of ice cream (250g carb 100g fat) pineapple (20g carb) and 300g Steak (60g Protein, "X" amount of fat)

Still getting leaner. Maintaining strength. Dropped about 3/4 of an inch off waist last week. Some is probably due to lack of stomach content from having to eat 1 less meal per day due to Jury Duty. But measurement was taken morning after a large backload so who knows. And who the hell even cares! LOL


That would be the best way to use it in CBL. Maybe an extra dose or two later on in the backload as well.

The first time I used Leucine I was doing 4x 5g doses through the day with meals. Gained 2kgs in 2 weeks. At the time I dont think my digestion was that great and subsequently wasnt getting much out of the amount of protein I was eating. The Isolated Leucine gave my body an easier way of getting what it needed.


GLitch you dont backload on "off" days do you? Do you have "off" days i cant remember from your scheudule. Sounds like you are kicking ass


Anyone using glycerol monostearate in their periworkout on CBL? If so, how?


LOL. To me kicking ass would mean setting some new PRs. But considering Im NOT losing strength or muscle and that I AM losing fat and getting "abs lean" for the first time ever Im happy!

No not backloading on off days atm. I LOVE eating on off days though. I look forward to my omletes and hamburgers etc. I did come to Carb Backloading from leangains where I ate carbs most nights though. Started dropping them back as I started getting closer to Kiefer's recommendations. Really looking forward to bulking with it, where I will eventually end up backloading carbs most nights. I can already tell Ill be able to stay leaner when bulking this way.


That was the part i was talking about. Losing fat but no strength/lose of fullness or muscle. Makes it very easy. I enjoy some of my carb meals so much that i hate my one off day. Rice + homemade pasta sauce to me is one of the best things.

You can certainly stay very lean and eat a large amount of carbs.


my days eating yesterday.

would normally have an extra meal preworkout but still getting myself organised from my week and a half of jury duty. Hadnt prepared any meals for work.

8am black coffee
11am coffee with cream and coconut oil
2pm half a roast chicken, salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
4pm coffee with cream and coconut oil
5pm training with BCAA/EAA shake
7pm 25g whey iso + 10g EAA shake
7:30 500g chicken w/4 pita breads and salsa, 1/4 tub of ice cream
10pm 350g steak with 1/4 cup of rice

which is roughly
160g fat
350g carb
240 protein
= 3800cals


jesus... that's a lot of carbs and fat in one day.


You reckon? I was actually going to pull myself up for not getting enough fat! LOL.


Idk how you do it man. High fat KILLS my appetite. You're more of a man then I. lol

Have you tried lowering fats, upping carbs while CBL yet? Do you plan too?


Not really.

When I start adding some calories for gaining Ill add some more carbs to my backloads (dirty them up a little more with pizza etc) and eventually backload on some off days as well, albiet with cleaner carbs like rice/potatoes and in smaller quantities. Ill also likely up my fat and protein on off days, and the low carb part of training days, as this is where my deficit is coming from atm.

Tonight Im going to try making a meatza! Hope it turns out.


My fat is normally aroudn 60 and only 20ish comes in the backload. I think backloads with less fat is better. Kiefer said on his biojacked radio that if you could basically do a backload with little to no fat (ie like a skip load) that you could really take the carbs up. Then he said that wouldnt be fun cuz you couldnt eat pizza and cheesecake. Makes total sense to me that if you keep fats down as low as possible and eat mostly carbs and some pro that you can really pack in the carbs. But when you add in fat from pizza and what not you will add fat much easier when you calories are high


Why do you think that? Your calories may be higher if you include dirtier sources that have moderate amounts of fat, but I dont think the presence of dietery fat alone is likely to be the main factor for fat gain.

yeah yeah Insulins up, but insulin sensitivity is also down in both muscle and fat cells. Glucose is getting cleared by Glut4/12 and muscle is also sucking up Triglycerides.


I started the backloading portion on Monday after doing the prep phase last week (between regular training and soccer, I'm pretty sure 8 days was long enough to have me ready to go). I lost 7 pounds.

Since I've never really done well with carbs, I figured I'd start fairly conservative: 300g. I woke up Tuesday morning looking leaner and fuller, which is definitely to be expected after going ultra low-carb. My scale weight was the same as it was Monday morning, still 7 pounds lower than when I started the prep phase. I did 300g again Tuesday night, and weighed the same again Wednesday morning with my waist being down a quarter-inch from where it was on Monday morning (after the prep phase).