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Carb and food charts

Hey guys anyone know of any good sites out there that have good carb and food charts? I was using NCENTER but it doesn’t seem to be up anymore.

The forum moderators seem to get pissed when I use web site names in posts, so I’ll have to be careful here. There is a cyberdiet (hint) site that has very much info on various food. They have macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, calories, etc… for almost any portion size you can think of, for most foods. You’ll have to hunt down the web site yourself.

Hey Tyler (Im the guy that mistakenly used your name - hasnt happened since and wont). I think there are “helpers” or “calculators” at “homearts”.

Try Anabolics Review then click on food profiles. They have both fast food and “regular” food.

P.S. Its a COMmercial site