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Carb and Fat Intake for Bulking?

My weight ranges from 196 pounds to 200 pounds on different days.i want to get to 220 pounds eventually I allready know I should consume around 200 g of protein a day but I’m wondering how much carbs I should intake a day also how much g of fat

Thats quite a difficult question. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to diet. What has worked for me to consistently gain weight/muscle is to eat around 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat. But, that is most likely because I am a Neurotype 3 person. Some other diets I’ve seen advocate for around .8g/lb for protein when gaining mass. For me, I rely more on carbohydrates for the bulk of my daily food intake. I will fluctuate my carbohydrates for days I lift and days I don’t. That’s my two cents. Hope that helps.

So should I eat 3 times the amount of carbs than protein

It really depends on your your neurotype and how you handle carbohydrates. Carbohydrates for me are really good mentally for me since they raise serotonin which I generally have low serotonin. I’ve always been someone who is natrually lean and has had a hard time gaining weight. So high carbs work wonders for me. Have you taken the Neurotype test from CT’s thibarmy website?

No I have not

Try this from Christian Thibaudeau, might be useful. (Assuming you are indeed a natural lifter haha)

Well I just came off a blast of test and dbol continued taking dbol on trt I get 200 mg of test cup every two weeks got one dose of dbol left I was also taking a bit of anadrol with the dbol well doing test

Ah. In that case, I’m not sure whether the best damn diet for natural lifters would be the best choice, haha.

I have zero knowledge of the stuff you are taking so I"m not sure my advice is any helpful either. Good luck.

You’ve said your protein intake is 200g so that’s 800 calories, but what’s your total calorie intake per day?

how did your bulk turn out?