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Carano vs. Cyborg


So is anyone else looking forward to this fight? I know I can't wait for it. I don't really care who wins, so long as it's an awesome fight. What are your thoughts?


I bet on Santos. Somewhat against my heart, since I'm a Carano fan...


I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I am slightly for Carano.


Cyborg is going to destroy Carano


I can't help but think the same thing. She seems so much more powerful, quick, and agressive. I wound't put any money against Carano, but a post on web forum won't cost me anything if I'm wrong.

Every female fight I have seen has been one of the better fights on the card. They really go at it. I don't think this fight will dissappoint. I can't recall seeing knockout in a female fight. Maybe this will be the first.


Agree there. It seems the guys lately get into a fight and forget everything they've trained to do, the women seem to be more technical as they get deeper into the fight.


Carano will win hands down, that woman could manhandle most men. :slight_smile:


But Cyborg is no ordinary man.




I've seen some of Cyborgs fights, likes to throw punches like Wanderlei Silva. So if Carano can remain calm and weather the storm, her straight punches can get through. Carano is no small girl, so she can knock her out.
Plus I'm biased because of Caranos looks. haha


I wonder what Cyborg's record is? I really hope Carano wins! She seems to have wicked intensity and aggressiveness. She fights like her opponents stole something from her.


Too true. Look at the body fat levels on her, compare Carano, and you can see that at the same weight (both fighting at 145) Cyborg is likely carrying a good bit more muscle. (Unless Carano has to cut more weight to make 145? Cross your fingers.)

Someone asked Cyborg's record. It's 7-1, her one loss was her first fight, and it was by leg lock.

I hope Carano wins, too. But I aint expectin it this time.


That's a load of shit. 90% of the time I feel like I watched an amatuer bout


I'm thinking Cyborg annihilates Gina




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