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Car You Drive = Manliness?

So I’m finally in the market to buy a car of my choice. My price range is around $10,000. I’ve been driving my parent’s sedans for quite some time and I’m ready to drive something fun, preferably a convertible. But being young, I have lots to consider including insurance, gas prices, reliability, and maintenance costs. I’m going to keep this car pretty much all through med school and even probably some of residency, so I need it to be problem free.

I’ve wanted a Jeep Wrangler since I was a kid, but the gas mileage is turning me away from it. Honda S2000’s and MR2 Spyders are badass and great on gas, but I’m afraid the insurance and maintenance will be too expensive, especially because they are not common. Mustangs/Camaros are common as hell, but are out due to their gas mileage and mechanical problems. Acura RSX’s are pretty cool looking and I’m sure gas, insurance, and reliability/maintenance are all fairly reasonable. The only thing is, I would much rather prefer a convertible (but any car I would enjoy will do).

Since Wranglers, S2000’s, and MR2 Spyders are out, I’m left with 2 very reliable convertibles: Solaras (the first model) and Miatas (the second generation). The Solara, although a convertible, doesn’t seem very fun and seems geared more towards the older crowd. Miatas just seem too damn fun. They supposedly have a big following among car enthusiasts for being great handlers and track cars. I would love to put the top down and throw them around corners. But is the stigma for them being chick cars too big to ignore?

Does what you drive really play that much a part in how “manly” you look? Most of my friends are discouraging me from buying one because they are “chick cars”, but I thought I’d ask you T-Men first. I’m not insecure or overly self-conscious, but I also don’t want girls thinking I’m gay because of the car I drive, that’s all. Also, any other car choices around that price you all know of that would fit my criteria? Thanks.

If you get a chick car, teh girlz won’t touch your penis. Better play it safe.

i would probably judge you, just saying

Yeah, I’d think you were gay if I saw you driving a Miata. NTTAWWT.

I’m kind of partial to Ford Mustangs (I know, popular car…). Gas isn’t that bad right now and vehicles with large engines such as these are still being sold at a cost below what they’re actually worth. The cost difference might be justifiable.

If you get a 'stang, make sure you get one with a V8.

RSXs have shitty gas mileage.

I would go with an Infiniti or Lexus or Acura (used, of course).

A Nissan would be fine, too.

box chev on 22s

Go with a mini-van. I’m driving a '99 Chevy Venture. Took out all the seats and put in an air mattress. Manly? I think so.

Thanks for the suggestions and comments. An Infiniti seems like a safe bet. I might be able to find a G35 sedan around that price. What do yall think about a BMW 3-series? They’re pretty popular so they can’t be too bad with reliability I’m assuming. I’m not so sure about insurance. A convertible isn’t too hard to come by, either.

you have a rape van wfifer

The miata is chick car, sorry dude. However if you did get one they don’t look like they would be that hard to push/pull home if it ever broke down. I recommend the bmw m3 convertible, damn fun to drive and a used one can be had for around $10k.

Get a Jeep. They are universally loved by all!

I drive a Camry and I don’t think it’s very manly…

[quote]belligerent wrote:
I drive a Camry and I don’t think it’s very manly…[/quote]

It’s better than my civic

[quote]countingbeans wrote:
belligerent wrote:
I drive a Camry and I don’t think it’s very manly…

It’s better than my civic[/quote]

I got stuck in a Civic once.

Damned midget sized passenger seats.


[quote]Professor X wrote:
countingbeans wrote:
belligerent wrote:
I drive a Camry and I don’t think it’s very manly…

It’s better than my civic

I got stuck in a Civic once.

Damned midget sized passenger seats.[/quote]

You had to eat your way out, didn’t you?

Right after enjoying the I-4 of a Miata as an aperitif.

I think I heard somewhere that Troy Palomalu drives a Kia. Troy Polamalu is one bad mother fucker too.

Hahaha okay okay, Miata’s are definitely gone. I’ve never actually SAT in one but looking at pictures of people with them made me realize it’s just going to be too small. I’ve never had X’s problem of getting stuck in Civics, but I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll happen to me one day.

Zap - I would love a motorcycle. But as a daily driver, I don’t think it’s the way to go. Maybe if I could keep a car and a motorcycle, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible right now. That’s why I’m looking at convertibles. It’s the closest thing I can get to the freedom bikes provide.

I’m really digging the 3-Series. Or if gas prices continue to drop, maybe I can fulfill my childhood wish for a Wrangler.

It’s not what you drive, it’s how you drive it.

Then again, a M5 does help.

Any car with a big manly v8. Also ANY pickup truck.