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Car-Tunes and Other Mods


I thought I would lighten the mood up 'round here.
I am a car nut. I love cars and I love car stereos. I thought I would start a thread dedicated to cool cars, car mods, and/ or bitchin' sound systems.

My car isn't much to behold, it's Nissan Sentra Spec-V. It's ok, BUT I did upgrade the sound system. I used to be heavily in to it in my youth, even competed. I didn't go for looks in my car, all the shit is hidden in the trunk but is sounds amazing and it's loud as shit.

Gear list:
-Alpine cde-123 headunit
- Rockford Fosgate Power 550X 4 channel amp for mids and highs.
- Rockford Fosgate Power 800 pushing the subs.
- Polk Audio 6 1/2 separates in the front doors (hardest crossovers to wire!)
- MB Quart 6 1/2 Coaxials in the rear deck (bought in the '90's when MB Quart first came over. There was only one line.)
- 2 Diamond Audio 10" D3 subs in a vented enclosure built to the exact design from Diamond Audio. These subs are unreal. I got 400 watts going to each sub, but I swear I could double the power...

I have been temped to go down to a single sub, but because of the impedance I can't do it. I can't bridge the amp down to 1 ohm, it will melt.
I also think this could be a good thread for troubleshooting too. Got engines noise? We can fix that. Cold Air kit won't fit? There's an app for that!


I'll play. Here are many evolutions of my system over the years.


Current set up:

HU- JVC some shit (should have waited and bought a good one)
JL 460/4 running Boston Pro 6.5s in the front doors and JL 8W0 in rear deck
JL 500/1 running JL 10W7
Doors, trunk, floor and rear deck have all been sealed and matted.

It's a work in progress. Planning to redo the trunk this winter. With the amps where they are I can't get anything in the trunk. Plan is to go behind the seat again like the original pictures.


Dday I only listen to Serius NFL channel, would be a waste of money for me. :slight_smile:


It's pretty much a waste for me too, I have a company car that I drive to work and we drive my wifes car 90% of the time because it's bigger. One of those things I fell in love with as a teen and can now actually afford all the cool stuff.


Wouldn't say that it is a passion, but I don't mind a few upgrades. Old car I had I threw a budget Clarion/Kenwood/Pioneer setup in it. Sounded alright with the 2x 12" subs running off just a 300w @ 4 ohm mono amp, but the subs drowned out the speakers a bit. Took the piss a bit with this car as I neon'd the shit out of it. Glowed like a Christmas tree hahaha!

Got a new car now (250ci with I6 VCT (Tickford) engine), and looking for some minor upgrades to its air flow. 2.5" catback exhaust already on it, may be adding extractors at some stage but I am on the fence with it. Definitely will be upgrading the stock air intake to a newer model of the vehicle. The air intake is pretty restrictive from that model and I am looking for some extra bottom end response. Not that the car is slow or anything ... 230 hp straight from factory ... but the fuel economy is pretty questionable with the enhanced engine through the city. While on the highway its almost economical as an engine half its size.

Brakes are very good and really wouldn't need an upgrade unless I add a forced induction system installed .... just need to replace the rotors and it will be up to scratch. Factory audio system will suffice for now. It is a 5"x7" setup with splits on the front stage. Surprisingly good running off the pioneer head unit.

Also ... may at some stage drop it an inch. I say maybe as it already sits low.

Overall I'm just looking for a better performing, better sounding version of the car. Nothing that will drop jaws but something that will turn a few heads.


Systems are always a work in progress. It's a bottomless pit, you can always go more. I love JL, if I do another system I am going to run all JL amps and subs....

I had a pair of Boston pro 6.5 components in my CRX....They where the best speakers I ever had.

I had an Eclipse HU, I had this engine noise I could not get rid of, I wired and rewired and rewired again and I could not get rid of that shit. I finally hung my in defeat. The HU started spitting out my discs and acquired this horrendous line noise, so I bought a new HU...That's the alpine. I installed it, noise was gone. The HU was the source I was both pissed and relived. Pissed because that HU was expensive and to have such shitty quality it pisses me off, relieved cause my system sounds awesome now and there isn't a shred of noise....


Yup, once you pop that cherry, it gets addictive.


250ci with I6 VCT (Tickford) engine <- What is this?

Have you considered a grounding kit? That gives you a 5 hp bump for minimal cost....
I put in a AEM cold air kit, and grounded it, but that's about it. I just don't like the sound of a cat back on a 4 banger, which is what I have. Besides for my car it's minimal gain in HP....
The nice thing about AEM is they have dry flow filters. That way you don't get that oily shit all over your mass airflow sensor.


That could possibly be a ford barra engine. Tickford are the performance tuned variations.
Australian ford I6s don't run mass airflow sensors, all MAP. But your point still stands :slight_smile:

I have built a barra turbo from the ground up. All forged internals.
It is going in a 97 falcon coupled to a T56 six speed manual.
Definitely not a pretty thing but should go like hell.
I will be starting it for the first time in two years in just a few weeks fingers crossed


I dont know if you would call it "MODS" or whatever but I did just put a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet new pair of rain x wiper blades on my car. rain x wiper blades are the best because water repellency is transferred directly to the windshield to improve visibility when you need it the most. This revolutionary water-repellent technology causes water to bead-up and roll-away while driving for increased visibility in wet weather! pretty awesome.

Also, this past week I made sure to check my tire pressure and fill them all up. The front driver side tire pressure was pretty low TBH so I'm extremely happy that I was able to get that taken care of. She rides like a dream now.


...and you would need this while driving in San Diego because...?

looks outside Oh, scratch that.


That's pretty cool dude. How much boost you gonna run? How much HP are you looking to get out of it? Hell what's the displacement on that bitch?

Think a 5.0 Ford racing V8 fit in that falcon?


I have a hour commute each way. So most of my music listening gets done in the car. It's therefore worth it to me to have a bitchin' sound system.

And I would agree that that JVC HU is holding back you sound quality. I never was a JVC fan..... I would recommend against getting an Eclipse HU after my experience with engine noise. I think I am sticking with Alpine HU's from here on out. I have had serveral in the past my best experience is alpine. I don't care for their other components but I have had the best results in my systems with their HU's.

I ought to scan in the pics from my CRX with I had the competition system in there. That was a great system. I miss that car. I wish I still had it.


One model of the falcon comes with 5L V8. Not sure if it is the same or similar to the racing one you mentioned. But there is heaps of room under the bonnet.

The engine is a 4L inline six. It has dual variable cam timing, so I have spent a lot of time studying and modifying the valve train. With a few microcontrollers, I hope to maximise the efficiency of the engine. This will allow me to run less boost but have more airflow.

My mate with the same turbo made 700 hp on his engine (same as mine, different car) without too much trouble. I suspect the turbo will be the limiting factor in my setup.