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Car Stereo Speaker Help


My driver side speaker in my car broke. looking to get a new set for the front. looking to spend <100$ and just need something with decent sound quality that will make my car bump. Anyone got any suggestions?


Making your car "bump" will run you a minimum of ~$500 for a new deck, an amp, subs, and a sub box.


If the rest of the car has factory speakers, go to best buy and pick up a pair for $30. It will still sound better than what's in there now.


Alpine Type R work great, or go with Type S if you want them to be even better, but more expensive.


And $500 won't be anything good either.


Yeah if you are running a factory deck i would just get some cheaper speakers.


Kicker speakers will make up for alot without spending alot of money. They are one of the best by far.


Just go to a scrap yard and get one of the same type. Chances are they won't even charge you for it... Besides, it's the back speakers that make the most sound in a car (normally).


Lol my deck alone cost 450...


I will be adding as time goes on. having 4 working speakers is kind of priority right now though.


What kind of car do you have? You want to get the biggest speakers you can fit in your door for best sound. Also an amp is going to make the speaker, put $800 Boston Pro's on a factory HU and it'll still sound the same, better speakers need more/cleaner power to drive them.

If you're planning on doing a real system later down the road, spend extra now on something worth having. Boston Acustic, Alpine Type R or S, MB Quart used to be good, check Polk Audio, rainbow and OZ, all of these are going to be more than $100 but why spend $100 now and then later down the road spend another $200 on "better" speakers, now you've spent $300 and could have had some bad ass Boston Pro's. Best thing to do is go to a car stereo store find what you like then buy them on eBay.

When it comes to car stereo spend the money on the FRONT speakers! Unless you just like your music sounding like shit. When you go to a concert do you face the back of the room? No, you face the front so you want your mid and trebble up front. Bass is omni directional so it doesn't matter where you put the sub, that and most cars don't have room in the front for a sub box.

I don't know shit about body building but I know my way around car audio.


My old system was up around 1,200 bucks. It was good but nothing near a competition system. If you just want your music to be loud and sound better, you can get by on a cheaper system like mine. I wouldn't go much lower for an entire system unless you can find some good used equipment. One thing I can tell you is not to buy from a Chain store like best buy. They do not get the higher end items, the specialty stores get the better stuff.

Let me explain it like this. if a company makes 1,000 amplifiers, they are al tested and spec'd out. Then the people they sponsor at audio competitions will get first pickover, they get the very best shit because they are doing a good deal of marketing for the company. The company wants to be part of the system that won the trophy, so thier highest spec'd shit goes to the sponsored pros.

The next level of gear goes to the specialty shops. A pure car audio shop is going to have more experienced people in and out of it all day long, these people eat sleep and drink thier hobby which is car audio. They are going to be able to tell if a peice of gear is trash or if it's putting out more than advertised. The company wants these people to have a favorable opinion on thier gear because they talk car audio all day long and word can and does spread quickly either good or bad.

The rest of the gear they have, it's the stuff that just barely does what it says on the box. The connections just aren't as tight, some of the circuits might be a little loose or something. For whatever reason the peice of gear is just a little off.

Short story. I moved away from home back in 2000 and I lived alone. I decided to play with my car stereo system for the first time and went to best buy, got some rockfor fosgate 12's and a rockford fosgate 1000 watt amp. I had heard of the company before and thought it was a reputable company so I should be good to go.

Well I get the system in my car and at first since I had never had anything before, it sounded good and loud. BUT as time went on, i really started to be able to hear it better and it just didn't seem to have much pop on the bass. It really wasn't hitting too hard. The guys at best buy said they tuned it but I started to play with the switches and dials on the amp to see if maybe there was something they missed.

After a year I eventually moved back home and there are two really good car audio shops up here and some of my friends work at one so I took my car in to see if there was a problem with my equipment. Pretty much everyone agreed that my system wasn't hitting very hard and the sound was not very clean. Nobody could figure it out though, I had the right amount of power and plenty strong enough to make the speakers hit.

Then one of the guys was like, where did you get this sytem anyways, I told them best buy and he basically facepalmed me. They offered to rip it out and replace it with a JL audi system for like 500 bucks and they would send thegear I had back to rockford as a defect and get a credit for it. They put two JL W-0's and a 1,000 watt JL amp.

Same system, and this one sounded incredibly different. #1 it was louder by far, I actually had to adjust the gain down a bit and #2 it was a LOT claner, you could hear very clear hits from the subs. This is when they told me that chain stores get the bunk equipment.



Good read right here, a lot (not all) workers at big chain stores like Best Buy and Future Shop are not nearly as experienced as the real Car and Audio Shop guys.


Hey dumbass

type X > type R > type S > type E

Type S cost $200-250

Type R $300-400


My Last System:

Alpine Deck - $380
Alpine Changer $250
Ipod Input - $50
Cables (power and rca) - $400
4 infinity kappa perfect 12" subs - $1600
4 MTX 6500D amps - $2000
MTX 4 channel amp -$500
2 sets infinity kappa perfect 6.1 component - $1200
I made my sub box - $300
Custom made plexi amp rack - $250
5 Monster caps - $1000
misc. stuff - $200
2 broken rear windows

Future hearing aids - $3000

Before that:
2 alpine Type R 12" Subs
MTX 500D amp
infinity reference 6.5 speakers
infinity reference 6x9 speakers
Pioneer deck
Custom sub box

First System:
2 mtx 4000 subs 12"
crap amp
crap sub box
kenwood deck


Nice touch with the hearing aids.



you like that, huh

My last system is the one that got me my name, u call that bass - ucallthatbass


There is some mis-information here, but none of it will affect your decision based on your budget.

Dday is on point.

What size speakers are they or what year, make and model is your vehicle? Do you need to buy local or are you willing to buy online?

With that info we can better suggest options.


2000 dodge intrepid. Also looking for a dash mount that will read what song is playing off my ipod. Price is a concern.

Thanks to everyone for the help so far. This is going to be a step by step project for me. Got to put half my check every week in the bank for college.


Ok...so the fronts are 6 3/4 and the rears are 6X9.

Gimme till tomorrow to see what I can find.