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Car Salesman

Ok, I have the skills, and I could probably get the job that’s not the issue. Nor is long hours or dealing with people all day, etc.

My question is regarding the job, how much does a car salesman usually make, is it hard to move up in position, etc.

Basically, I want a job with a lot of quick money making potential. It’s not something I necessarily want to make a career out of, but the sales experience etc will help me out in the long run.

And I really really want a corvette.

Any info?

I’m in sales Xen, it all depends on the dealership you are going to work for. If it’s a big dealership you’ll make less money per car but more volume so it would even out, a smaller place and you’ll wind up making more money per car but less sales. Average car salesman sells 10-12 cars per month so here’s the question you want to be average or bettter than average??
Commsion also depends on the dealership, I worked at one where it was 25% of the gross on the sale of a car, and if you made $10,000 in gross they would give you 30% retroactive to dollar one, but no regualr salary. Another place I wirked at gave me 20% of the gross on a sale but $200 a week no recoverable drawer(I didn’t have to pay it back) and 50 a year with a max of $400. Store 1 also gave A flat rate of 50 per car whereas store B gave me 100 per car, both had volume bonuses starting after 10 cars

The job is good but there are some major drawbacks.

  1. This is a job where politics are rampant I once got fired over a commission being stole from me by management. I sold a car 1k over sticker not invoice and was told the deal was a mini $100.

  2. 25% of 20k sounds great till the dealership hits you with it;s pack which could be between 8-15 k this severly hits your profit margin. Some cars like a PT Cruiser only have a 1 k markup which means $2-300 for you.

  3. Most top salespeople make 75k which is getting rarer with savy internet shoppers if you’re not making 50k get out it’s not worth it.

  4. I don’t know your backround but from my experiences you’ll never meet more unprofessional ill run organizations than a car dealership.

  5. Remember mgt job is not just to put the customer together but the salesman as well.

Some people start out at greeters… Basically doing all the selling, but not the closing. I suggest getting into some other kind of sales. Once you learn the basics of how to work sales… You can pretty much find out what you wanna do. Perhaps just training other people how to sell. Or maybe doing more marketing.

Good luck.