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Car People, Truck Issues, Advice?

This just happened, so I haven’t been able to repeat it, but basically:

09 4.7L Dodge Dakota, Automatic

I stopped at a gas station, left my truck running, hopped back in, went to drive, and the RPMs just shot up with extremely slow acceleration. It finally, I guess, kicked into gear and was fine, until the next stop light, and the same thing happened. It sounded like it was trying hard to suck on air, really loud, once again, found the gear and drove fine.

Any immediate things I can check tomorrow before work? Thanks.

Transmission fluid. Could be the filter, but it sounds like it’s slipping.



That’s what it does. Possibly the filter, but no great way to check that other than to simply assume it has never been changed unless you did it previously.


Sounds good, guess ill leave it running at work for a minute and check it. Thanks guys

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How far do you drive to get to work?

Wouldnt even do that
If possible, get it towed to a shop or somewhere you can do it if youre equipped to. Will need a full service, hopefully it just a band tighten with a full service but it can be catastrophic if you continue to drive

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Suck air or gas? Probably gas, a lot of people think when a car does that it has something to do with air intake, it’s mostly fuel intake.

What year is the truck? Could be your fuel pump.

He had plenty of RPMs though :thinking:.

his RPMs shot up with no acceleration. it could also be something with the throttle system.

more often than not though it’s something to do with the fuel… fuel pump beginning to give out.

but you can never know for sure until you get it checked.


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Transmission fluid. RTFM before checking. Some manufacturers call for cold fluid, others warm, and others at operating temp.

A revving engine with no acceleration would be a fuel delivery issue though you sometimes get a wandering idle with MAF issues.

I don’t think the 4.7’s use a MAF, I think they are speed density systems.

I beleive that vehicle is check idling in nuetral for the trans.

Any codes?

No check engine lights popping, and my job is less than a mile away with no stop lights, (lucky me I know) and my co workers are all much more mechanically inclined than I am, so itll be good for them to take a look

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