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Car Opinions Wanted


I have the new car bug

drive a mid/small suv now.

Looking for about the same. Would actually love a truck, but never a car.

Willing to spend $20k. Wont buy new, but willing to sacrifice some miles if it's worth it. Idk enough to know what holds up, breaks down, or keeps its value.

I'd pay for dependable. I hate putting money into getting shit repaired.

I'm 6'4", need some head room.

Like the look of the volvo XC90 and BMW X7, and no matter what I'd be putting black rims on it.

Don't need any off road stuff. Just need a nice, comfortable ride.



Buy a corvette - you won't be disappointed.


What's wrong with cars? I'm 6'3" and drive a mazda 3 and have no problem with head room.


Porsche Cayenne S --- get a used 2005 to 2010 off lease, as the model changed 2011. Get the "S" not the base or the turbo. (Base is slow, the turbo is not a good bet without a warranty, as in-town driving kills them.)

The 2011 is superior, but the 2010 is great and the new model has crated the prices of the earlier model. Mrs. Jewbacca traded in her LandRover S for a 2011 Cayenne, and I tested a used 2010 just to f--k around and nearly bought it.

It'll be a little over 20K, not as much as you think.


a lightly used forester would be in the 20k range. i just got one a few months ago and could not be happier with it


1980 Ford Festiva.

good head/legroom

great mileage

cheap to maintain.

no, don't thank me~



we just bought one of these. i like it. should be able to find used one for 20k no problem.


No edgy go green OP come on man.

You can fit in this.

Save the planet or kids or dolphins or ice bergs or lonely Vikings.


I love my Toyota 4Runner SR5 v6 5 speed auto. average @ 20 mpg in town. set my cruise to 62 and averaged 29.6 on a trip to Brookgreen Gardens. mostly level road with some stoplights and slow downs in small towns. can't kill it with a gun. you can get all trim levels from SR5 to Limited. 2 or 4 wd. if that's not good enough go with a Land Cruiser.

why do you think these guys drive...err...ride in Toyotas


+1 on the 4Runner. I've got a 98 Limited and the thing is bulletproof. Sled with weights, kid, and big dog all fit no problem. I can't think of another truck that holds their value like the Toyotas do which ought to tell you something.



You know, I've had three F-150's with the Triton V8 and I've never had any problems with any of them. Back in the day I was involved in a t-bone collision at about 35 mph (my fault). I was in a '98 F-150 at the time and I had already put almost 210,000 miles on it without any engine problems. I couldn't afford a new one at the time and it was totaled. The truck that hit me (Nissan Frontier) had to get yanked out of my truck with a fucking tow truck/winch. I drove away like nothing ever happened.

The whole driver's side cab was fucked, couldn't open my door and part of the bed was fucked. But I could drive at 80mph after that on the freeway and stay in my lane without touching the steering wheel! I put another 15,000 miles on it before I got rid of it and I was convinced the whole time that at some point a Ford advertising exec would pull up next to me and see this bashed F-150 cruising down the street and offer me a new one if I would appear in a commercial with the old one about how tough Ford trucks are. Never happened. But I was always happy with mine and for 20K you could easily find a nice one with low mileage. Great trucks.


My dad's first car, at 6'3, just drop a moonroof in that bitch.


Try and find what Top Gear UK did to a used toyota hliux on you tube.
Crashed it,
Drowned it in the ocean
Put it on top and building before it was demolished.
Still drove into the studio.