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Car mechanics Help

I have a 86 Mercery Topez which hasn’t ran for about a month. It just stopped running. It will crank but wont start. So far I have changed plugs,wires,ICM,Ignition coil,injector,fuel pressure regulator. When you go to start the car the injector just dumps fuel into the carb. Its a Throttle body injector. What else should I look at?

Time for a new car?!?!?

My grandma has a car like that. i hate it. set fire to it and walk, no run away. it’ll be a nightmare 'til the day you get rid of it.

Dude, you have a car there that is worth about $50 depending on what scrap metal is worth in your area.

If you can afford it, go ahead and buy something newer. If you can’t then it is all trial and error to see what is wrong with it. Could be a million things. Then once you see what the problem is today, you’ll probably have something else wrong tomorrow.

Your car is telling you it wants to be laid to rest. Just like when you sometimes have to bash Rover in the head with a shovel because he’s “getting on in years,” you gotta whack your car.

Timing Belt?

Car needs fuel, fire and Oxygen to go. Sounds like you have fuel.

Once you replaced all the electrical did you confirm spark at the plugs? Was the3 spark happening at the right time? Also you’ll need to check to make sure that you installed all the electrics correctly and got the wires in the right order.

Check your air box to make sure that it’s not clogged. Also check the exhaust to make sure that it’s not clogged.

It sounds as if you’re at the trial and error stage at this point. Just remember, replace the cheaper parts first!

Good luck.

Maybe it needs a new fuel pump? And if so change the fuel filter while your at it.

Sounds to me like its a Spark issue…You have fuel delivery and Oxygen thats the only other factor left, Try changing the spark plugs, and also did you gap them correctly when you changed them last. If you do change them make sure they are gapped corectly!!! this is vital.


rr-I had an 88 Accord that developed the same symptoms. It was getting fuel, air, the timing was fine and the plugs had spark when I took them out. I finally took the car to the dealer and 2 days and $150 latter it ran. The problem, bad distributor cap & rotor. Actual parts cost $15! Seems the cap had a small crack or something interfering with the amperage to the spark plugs. They would fire in the open air but wouldn’t under compression. Hope this helps. -LW

Could be timing belt, cap and rotor, distributor, ot the fact that it is an '86 ford product. My advice is to either offer to let people beat the shit out of your car $5 per blow with a sledge hammer, or tow the bitch to the nearest ford dealership and drop an M-80 in the gas tank and run like hell.