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Car Insurance for a Week?


quick question guys:

i will be taking a week of leave and headed to south fla. while there, i would like to rent an exotic car. currently, the insurance on the vehicle i drive is under my dad's insurance.

my question is, can i get insurance for a week so i can then rent the car? does anyone have a ballpark idea of how much that would cost? does anyone have a better idea?

thanks in advance


Your best bet is get with USAA. They cater to military so might have a program for short term insurance.


if your renting the car they usually will sell you insurance for while you have the car. It basically means you can F it up and not worry, so just do that?? would be easiest and proly most expensive.


Talk to the specific dealer see what the policies in FL are and then talk to an agent. More importantly. What are you looking at renting? The new Ferrari 458 has made it stateside.



nono, i'm not that rich, sheesh.

i was looking at entry level stuff. was gonna start with the GENIV dodge viper.

@ ratchet, i already asked the dealer, no dice. they do not provide insurance. their options are A.) have third party insurance B.) get an AMEX card which comes with insurance or C.) have a 10,000 dollar hold placed on my credit card.


The easiest option is if you carry an insurance policy on a personal vehicle that you own or lease. They will verify with your insurer that your policy is active. Check if they will do that for your fathers insurance. Worst comes to worst there are some 3rd-party companies that provide damage waiver products, ask the rental company.

"Customers from other state are required to maintain full-coverage insurance (liability, comprehensive, and collision)."

The hell with a viper, go with a real exotic :wink:
Don't crash that shit though, a lot of horsepower with no control on those vipers.

Where in south fl you staying btw?


Agreed, unless you have a pretty solid base of driving performance vehicles don't get a viper. They'll bust the tires lose for just downshifting.


About a month ago we ended up going on a trip in key west with my fcar and my buddies 3 vipers. On our way back it rained a little and one of them unfortunately lost traction. The viper hit the rail then took out 3 cars, a crane, a power line and went off the bridge. Lucky the bastard comes out without a scratch on him while the only thing of the viper was its frame.

It's been raining everyday here lately so gotta be careful.


Vipers are really that bad? Damn. They have always been one of my favorite cars.

Sorry for the hijack HM. Good luck!


This seems like a good deal:


25 bucks for 7 days for 100k insurance

hope that helps.


My friend rented a Viper in Ft. Lauderdale a few years back. He still claims to this date it's the best money he's ever spent in his life.


That's like telling someone who is on steroids how awesome creatine is.

It all depends on what you are after though, some people like to go fast on the red light, others like to come out of a corner with the tail whipping out, others just like to stack women in the passenger sit. Nothing wrong with any of those, just got to ask yourself what you are looking for.

You're a big boy HM, make sure you can fit properly in one of those, very tight fit.


Yeah, obviously a Ferrari or Lambo would be much better. But they also cost a shitload more. Just giving him some feedback of someone who actually rented a Viper in southern Florida. He didn't rent it to impress girls (even though it did). He rented hit for the sheer power and the fun factor of driving a beastly car like that.

Edit: BTW the way your analogy makes no sense. It'd make sense if HM drove a Lambo every day, but obviously a Viper's a step up for him since that's the car he's looking to rent.


I was talking about my personal experience with vipers. I never said vipers were a bad car to own/rent, just that the car is not as forgiving when you step out of line.



i promise to behave myself.

@ hellfrost - i've got a condo in ft. laurderdale for the week, although i'll be all over between palm beach and dade county.

hit me up if you're down to party.



How much do you think those whole experience will cost you?


a one week rental plus taxes minus insurance = 1600 USD