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Car Help-'99 Dodge Avenger-Worth It?

alright guys, i know jack fucking shit about cars…and i know some people on here do…and your help would be greatly appreciated.

im looking at this 99 dodge avenger leather,loaded, ES coupe w/ ~80k miles on it for 6k…anybody know if this is a good(relatively) buy…i’m looking for a car that is good for a teenage guy, like myself…so (KINDA)sporty, reliable, and most of all not gonna kick my ass to buy…like this one…at least as far as i know.

and yes, i know i can google(and already have/am) this, but then again i figured i might ask some of you if you know anything about it

DON’T YOU DARE BUY THAT POS, you’ll regret it. J/k

I’m not telling you what to do, but IMHO those avengers are junk.

That price seems kind of high for that car. The mileage on the odometer is only average and on the late 90’s Dodges it might not have aged well with that mileage…Dodge makes some great quality cars, but the Avenger just wasn’t one of them, and the 90’s weren’t great years for Dodge. Plus that V6 didn’t get all that great of gas mileage for not much power.

If it’s not 4 wheel drive with solid axles, then it’s not worth it. Buy a Jeep YJ/CJ/XJ.

I work for a major auto insurance company and value totalled vehicles everyday. There are two ways (in my state) for insurance companies to value vehicles. The NADA and CCC values. The NADA value is always higher and is what we use. Your vehicle would bring $5750 if it was in flawless shape with no dings, rust, tears in the seats, etc. That is the retail value (aka the dealership price)

I personally would not touch that car for anything more then $4500
go on cars.com and find a better deal or autotrader.com or edmunds.com

is this a 4 0r 6 cyl? if its the 4, it would probably have the 420A engine which was also used in the 95-99 NA eclipse… with that many miles be prepared to change the timing belt, and a gasket or 2. not to mention replacing both door handles (they were notorious for breaking)

a timing belt change will run you around 4-500, unless you can do it yourself…let me tell you it wasnt fun…

but for a 99 with 80k, 6k seems a little bit much… but this is probaly a dealer price… i would pay 4500 at most

Here is the Kelly Blue Book reading on that car. I rated it as “Good” condition which is one step less than basically new. This is what a person should ask for selling it privately. He’s overcharging for the car unless its upgraded heavily with aftermarket parts.

Excellent $5,750

Good $5,285

Fair $4,670

www.kbb.com if you want to do it for yourself.

Coming from a former Dodge technician stay away from the Avenger! The car is all foreign except the emblems, those are Dodge…and that is about it! I found that when Avengers began getting around 80,000 we began seeing them in the shop alot. Granted alot depends on how well the previous owner took care of the vehicle. From my experience I would stay away from the Avenger unless it is VERY CLEAN AND TAKEN CARE OF! I always suggest to take a car to a dealership before you buy a used vehicle. Most dealerships will do a good inspection for .5 hour of whatever there hourly rate is. Good Luck

My mom had one and it was nothing but problems after 60,000 miles. Luckily it still had 3,000 miles left on the warranty when the transmission went out…STAY AWAY!!!

Stay away!!! Working at a used car dealership we dont even put those POS on the lot when one gets traded in. The chevy Monte Carlo is a good car. I have a 03 with 140K miles and it runs like it’s brand new.