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The benefits of GPP have been clearly explained and extolled in numerous articles on this site. The problem however, lies in the material needed to conduct proper periodization of such exercises; the material requires both extra expenses and storage.

Sledgehammers of different weights must be purchased, you must find (and then transport) heavy and unwieldy tires each time you use them, sleds/wheelbarrows must have extra resistance added, and kegs of differing weights must be ?removed? from the back of restaurants/liquor stores.

What this post is not; a bashing of many styles of GPP. What this post is; a call to those who have yet to embrace GPP because they lack the necessary implements to realize that they most likely already possess/have access to a rather universal one, a vehicle.

To those without lawns for wheelbarrows, backyards for keg tosses/wheel flipping, who can?t afford a variety of sledgehammers, or who live in apartments or high rises in urban environments where such strongman GPP is very difficult?you have a car, you have roads.

Car GPP can be done in multiple ways also, pushing, pulling, facing the car or facing away from it. Before I am jumped by member who love to flame, I to know that the inherently unwieldiness of many GPP implements are their for our benefit and that a car is far more expensive than a sled, but for some who are less financially well off, a vehicle is a necessity for work, a sled is not.

Let it also be known that in my very small college apartment, I have 3 kegs (and only one still has a tap in it :wink:

Please post good links to good car GPP articles also.

Oh yeah, pushing cars is a lot of fun. I remember pushing my truck about half a mile, in the dark, in the middle of winter, with no coat, uphill, through a hurricane, on a dirt road, and through brick walls when the alternator went out. I keep going back to the Elite-Fitness website wondering when they will have 1993 Ford F-150s for sale as GPP training tools.

(I may have exaggerated just a little at the end there)

I used to tie a rope to the tow hook on mine, anchor my feet, and pull it toward me. When it got there, I’d just push it on back.

You know that look people give you, the awkward smile when they want to make sure you know they’re your friend because you’re the weird kid down the street that pulls and pushes his car up and down the driveway? I know that look.

[quote]kane101nod wrote:

Please post good links to good car GPP articles also.

There’s one going up tomorrow (Tuesday) right here on T-Nation.

Hey thanks t-nation for writing me an article so quickly, wow!

I think many times pople just overthink this GPP odd lift thing. Just get out and do it. Even here in DC apartment living etc we do it up right. Rocks, cars playgounds sprints drags. If its hevay and available try and move it, throw it flip it etc.

It just a matter of using your imagination.

Cant wait for the new article however,
Sure to be SWEET.

My brother and I went to a parking lot last saturday and pushed my car. It was his turn and he had hit the more uphill portion when “Iron Man” (Sabath) came on the radio. Suddenly motivated, I jumped out and helped him push and we went anouther 40 yards or so. Great workout.