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Car Deadlift Frame


so! i have been searching for a while specs of car deadlift frame and i cant find any of them... anyone got any model of car deadlift frame with specs?


You're in Finland. I bet I can dead lift any car you see out your window. Move to Texas and you will find they are little heavier.


i see big chevrolet picup... wanna try? your answer is so offtopic...


I don't believe there is a standard, it always looked to me like the event organizers used whatever they could get cheap from the wrecker. Why not just use a trap bar to train with? It would be less work to make and easier to store.


A trap bar is okay for training, but it has some drawbacks. In particular, a real car deadlift requires you to lean back as you lift. If you do that on a trap bar, you'll just fall over backwards. The trap bar trains mostly the same muscles, but it doesn't really teach the right pattern.

As far as a car deadlift apparatus, it's true that there isn't a standard.


From what Ive seen, and as much as I hate machines. The closest thing to the car lift is one of the free weight lever deadlift machines. Ive used both the Atlantis, and the Hammer strength units. It seems the pivot is around the same, the issue would be loading, and height. I`ll look around and try to link a pic.



You might be able to get somthing more basic along these lines welded up at a shop, it`s the pivot your after so you can lean back. I think these are around 800$ Canadian.


Sorry its in french, lol, Quebec isnt really part if Canada


My reading skills need some work. He typed car deadlift. I read car carry.

Here is Jake's machine in English:


Looks like it would fit the bill.


sorry but i dont want any gym machines. just want some specs (if there is some) and i will make car deadlift platform where i can drive any car and start deadlift :smiley: