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Car Accident


Friday night my brother was in a bad car accident and broke his femur, ankle and thumb, along with a couple of torn ligaments. His girlfriend was in the car as well and has a broken leg and had bleeding into her spleen. My brother will be home from the hospital at the end of the week most likely and I was wondering if anyone on here has some experience with getting the house ready for someone in his condition? Unfortunately his bedroom and both showers are upstairs, so we moved his bed downstairs into the living room and put a curtain up so he'd have privacy. I'd imagine he'll have to do a sponge bath type deal in the downstairs bathroom for a while since there's no shower down there and he can't get up the stairs.

I just bought him an ipad so he can facetime with his girlfriend. They live about 30 mins apart and neither will be able to drive for probably 4-6 months so they wont be able to see each other very often. Any other ideas as to what can make him more comfortable? He's had some pretty bad luck in life, with 2 surgeries to remove a brain tumor along with radiation treatment, an exploding appendix, broken wrist and now this, so I have no problem spoiling the shit out of him to help him get through this. Any advice is appreciated.


I can't think of anything. He's lucky to have such a thoughtful brother.


If I was him I would be just be happy getting out of the house every once in a while to break up the regular daily routine


x2. When I've been laid up or bedridden in the past (bad car accident my senior year in college), close friends really made a huge difference.

I'm sure you'll see how he's doing and be able to react, or even pre-act accordingly.



Get him some new music, music helps

....or just let him watch the next Vikings game, it should be painful enough to watch, where it distracts him from his own pain.


when he's able see if you can get a wheelchair so he can get outside.


I'm curious why it's going to take 4-6 months? That seems like an extraordinarily long recovery...


I believe that's the time for a "full" recovery. I'm sure he will be able to walk and do some limited activities before that. That being said he had multiple breaks in his femur and ankle so I really have no idea, I'm just going off the one doctor's opinion.


Unfortunately I'm in grad school in Maryland, and he's up in NY, so I wont be around too often, but I'm sure he will have friends come visit and keep him company