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Car Accident - Muscle Imbalance?


Hi guys,

A month ago I was hit by a car walking back to my hotel. (I travel about 180 days a year for work). I wound up with a shattered left tibial plateau, right partial elbow replacement (shattered radial head) and distal radius fracture. I have enough screws in my knee and wrist to start a construction company.

I wondering about trying to train solely my right leg and left arm/shoulder. My left leg and right arm are already wasting away because I am non-weight-bearing for three months. Since one set of muscles is already visibly atrophying, is it wise to train the opposite side? Could two months cause an imbalance that will take a long time to undo?

I want to train now that I’m not in pain constantly. My PT said I can do whatever I want as long as I put no weight on the leg or arm. Just curious…thanks guys! If you see a guy in the gym with an immobilizer on one leg and a cast on his arm, come say hello!



Yeah start training. Can help your body recover faster as long as dont over do it.
High reps and not to failure -just pumping a lot of blood back and forth