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Caption This Pic!

Judge: “Ms. Jolie, tell the court what happened.”

Angelina Jolie: “Your honor, After TC took a whole bottle of Alpha Male, he put on a beanie, played some Barry White, ripped his pants off and told me we were going to do eccentric donkey calf raises.”

Judge: “Ok, what happened next?”

Angelina: “He said it was a training accident, but he swelled up this big[refer to picture] and it slipped; I’ve still got the stitches and scars, wanna see?”

Judge: “Wow, I gotta get some of that Alpha Male!”

I know, kinda corny, but I couldn’t pass up this picture. -The Starkdog

No mystery here, she’s clearly describing my penis.


Judge: Ms. Jolie can you please tell us about michael’s alledged “Penis”

Angie: Yes your honor, I’d have to say it was about this wide picture and this long picture.

Courtroom: Shock

Angie: Oh sorry I was thinking about the Nova Cock. My fault, Xen’s chocolate thunder stick of doom and terror is quite a member…anyway back to michael. It had a shaft some balls permed pubes and glitter…

“my name’s Jolie. i look like i just got beat by an erection this long.”

Xen, you must of watched the Chapelle show…

“I just did a line of coke this big…Don’t tell me I’m not dressed for the Oscars…Fuck you and the E! Channel, Rivers!!!”

[quote]SouthernGirl wrote:
Xen, you must of watched the Chapelle show…[/quote]

hehe, religiously I can quote almost every episode/skit from memory