Caption This Pic

“After many years of trial and error, TC finally succeeded in his quest to hypnotize young co-eds with his penis”

That’s pretty good, Xen Nova!

Maybe we’d better offer an incentive to get some participation going.

How about a tub of Grow! to the best caption?

“My, That’s A Nice Snatch You Have”

“Buffy spots Candy during a world record pole front squat attempt on the runway at the Gold Club while, uh…‘powerlifting enthusiasts’…wave dollar bills in a show of support for the athletes.”

So THAT’S what Alpha Male does to you…

wow. look at TC grow!

It’s TC! Get out of the way, his penis is mine!

After years of trying, Debbie finally snagged a blonde. She got so excited, she forgot this move didn’t work without the strap-on.

Blonde Girl: “Are those M&M’s in your bra or are you just happy to see me?”

Brunettee: “Welcome to your first day working at Biotest. That’s TC. On casual Friday he likes to wear his thong around the office - backwards. If you see him doing that it’s best to hide behind this doorway until he goes back into his office. Try not to make direct eye contact. And if he asks if you ‘want to touch Mr. Floppy,’ start walking very fast and go hide in the ladies room.”

"Debbie and Samantha are mesmerized by Chris Shugart’s warmup for his, “Ripley’s Believe or Not” tryout feat of strength.

The Cock Pushup."

I must say…I do have that effect on some people.

Look,Buffy it’s Tim Patterson and everybody said he was dead.

Oh pardon me ladies, didn’t see you there. I am Doctor L’uoma. This exercise is part of my pre-op hand warm up routine. I am a trained professional. Separating conjoined twins is a delicate operation. The anesthesia will kick in in a few moments. Slip into that gown. No it flaps open at the back. Chelsea, throw yourself and your sister up onto the operating table. I’ll split you siamese twins in half in no time. Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing but the incision sites will be painful.

If your mommy could see you now

After observing how democrats and republicans use their daughters during the campaign, Ralph Nader pulls out his secret weapon “The Nader Twins”

Ohhhhhh… so THAT’S a “Stiff Leg” Dead Lift.

Blonde: “Why Betsy I didn’t know we were those kind of friends!”

“Gina, let us watch the rest of TC’s Stiff Legged Deadlifts”

“So THAT’s how much wood a wood chuck would chuck if a wood chuck wood chuck wood!”

(wood chuck= any random T-man)