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Caption Contests?


When do we get a new caption contest? I loved those things, although I never win. Anybody else miss them?


I think that they are shit, only since I live outside of the US and even if I had the best caption in the world I dont think that the T-Nation boys would fork out the dough to post any prize overseas. It is all rigged, unless you live in the states that is.


I also liked them even though I never won. We've had people just start up their own threads and post captions just for fun.

Sometimes TC will drop by and award 10 TC funny points to the funniest caption. Something tells me that TC funny points aren't worth much. I called Biotest once and asked if I could have a discount because TC once gave me 10 TC funny points. All I heard was hysterical laughter.

The point of my post is go find a funny pic and start your own caption thread.


Did you get 10 more funny points for that?

I guess they're more fun when they're "official" and have a prize behind them. I'll look around for an unofficial one.


i reckon it was a scam.

I never won, so no one won!