Captains of Crush vs. Heavy Grips...

Has anybody used both?

I bought the COC Trainer on Amazon a couple weeks ago, and of course it doesn’t do the whole job, so I need another in the #1 class…

But should I try the “other” kind? The COC Trainer began to weeken after the first day. I get the feeling they all do. But does the Metal Grips brand weeken faster?

Are they built as well?

Do they have the same knurl bite to them? Or are they smoother…

I’ve read that they’re slightly narrower for smaller grips. Is it a noticable difference? Did it matter?

If you’ve tried both, tell me what my next buy should be… (and Thanks!)

I’ve used both and prefer the COC.
Heavy Grips knurling tends to be quite a bit smoothe and the spread is narrower. The drop off in resistance you refer too is known as “seasoning” and is felt to be more prominant with Heavy Grips. On the other hand HG are cheaper. If you really get into grippers you will end up buying lots!

It’s good to have both. CoC is the gold standard for grippers, and it has the most recognized certification, but the HG has more variety, so you can use them as stepping stones between CoCs. BeefBuilder is another great brand.