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captains of crush question

I tried a #2 c.o.c today for the first time and I closed it on my first try in both my hands. Is that considered decent? I havent trained my grip at all other than doing things like deadlifts. I was going to start a training routine for my grip a while back but I spazzed and never started.


I say Bullshit !!! Naw, just kidding. I did the same(closed it as soon as I opened it) ,but I had the #1 for a few months before. So I would say you have a very good start. I’d recommend buying the #3, and as soon as you start getting multiple reps with the #2, start doing negatives with it( #3). I can bust out 6 or 7 solid reps on the #2.
Again, awesome job.

I actually just got the #3 about half an inch from closing…too bad that last half inch will likely take me months to get !!!

Months? It would take me years. I also closed the number 2 on my first try (only with my right hand), but I have never gotten more than 2 reps with it, and for some I reason I can not close it all now. I had totally forgotten about grip training until I saw these messages. How are you guys training your grips (sets,reps, frequency, etc.)? You must be doing something right.

thanks for the advice!
it was a weird scene when i tried it actually. i closed it and felt just about every joint in my left hand pop! it was really funny. i can close the #3 about halfway so hope fully by the summer i can get my name in that book. thanks again


My hands popped like crazy the first times I closed it as well, and still do when I don’t hit the #1 a bit.


First and foremost, forget you own straps(if you do). Next, heavy deads are a staple. I don’t think my job (lobster fishing) helps as much as one would think. It is definetly THE king for grip endurance, but all out crushing power is rarely needed.

As far as sets, reps, etc…that easily varies. Like anything else, prioritize it, and you’ll see your best gains. I like lower reps, and would rarely exceed 10 even with the #1. I feel closing the #2, and holding it as long as I could for a few sets helped a lot. I haven’t really fully prioritized it, I usually just seriously hit them on a day off, usually the day before legs. Try the Ironmind website, they have endless ideas.
I’m not just trying to plug Biotest, but Powerdrive always gives me an extra rep.
Anything else I can add, let me know.

hey floo

I have never trained my grip as a priority but you can bet i will now! i want to close that #3! I do use the rubber band extensor movment however. My boxing coach told me about it but I now see it’s a few articles on t-mag as well. I feel my two biggest priorities are my forearms and my traps. I want popeye forearms and a neck so big it looks like I am deformed! haha