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Captains of Crush grippers!!!

Has anyone ever used the Captains of crush grippers? I ordered me some the other day. If so does anyone know of a good program with them that will build my forearm strength and possible size. I know that you probably wont get much size out of them but I do know that they build the heck out of your wrist strength. Anyone interested in them go to www.captainsofcrush.com. Any feedback would be awesome.

thx guys and gals

You might want to address a post to “Nathan Say” (formerly “Drax”). If I’m not mistaken, he’s one of the grip experts. He’s also a big fan of plate curls.

I think T-mag reviewed these in their ‘Stuff We Like’ column. Run a search for more info.

I have 2 grippers: the “trainer” model and the #1. They do rock, although I am out of practice with them. I am already getting a lot of grip work in my routine, but I need to get back on the grippers. They do not increase “wrist strength” they are purely for grip. They do come with a suggested “program” (real simple but can’t remember). Something like do 3 of 10, if you can accomplish this go up to the next level gripper. They do not advocate high reps. So I would recommend a trainer and a #1, so you have something to progress to. You might want to try to find a pair to try your strength before ordering, but the trainer model is not easy, don’t be fooled by the name. I don’t know your level of experience though. Even if you already have a really strong grip, it might be useful as a warmup. OMNI fitness carries these grippers, if there is one of those near you…

Follow the directions on the package, 4-5 reps, 2-3 sets twice a week. Any more would probably overtrain the gripping muscles if you train regularly. You might be surprised if you ordered the trainer. It’s more than 3x as resistant than a run o the mill plastic gripper.

Thx everyone for your replies I hope this helps my grip out alot.

YOu brought up a good point here about overtraining the grip…

I train 3x week Pullups on monday, deadlifts on wed, and bent over rows on fri. These are most of my “gripping” exercises…I own the a couple of captains of crush grippers…Do I need additional grip work? or will it get stronger in time due to my workouts Because I feel my grip is definetly holding back my deadlift…If I too need additional grip work how would you guys suggest setting it up as far as what days? thanks in advance

why do you you have all your back movements on separate days. I usually pair back with hams, biceps, or chest. Are you doing a push pull routine? anyways, it seems that it would be hard to work in a grip program with oyur routine. I say 3 sets at the end of your workouts would be more then enough. laters pk

Yes I am doing a push pull routine MON: Vertical Push/Pull WED: legs FRI: Horizontal Push/Pull…thoughts??


I’ve closed the #2. Definitely keep the reps low.