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Captains of Crush Grip Training


Recently purchased C.O.C #1 (140 lbs). Now I have used grip tools simular to this but never had one of such quality.

To the point.. the book states that there is instructions on how to use it properly. However, I have yet to find these instructions. Now I know you close it open it repeat.. But is there a guideline to follow for this, or do I just Open,Close, repeat?

Also, I have read where it states you can work your forearm (grip) several times a day due to the high frequency that the forearm is used, is this true?

Thanks alot fellas!!


Does it not tell you the ironmind website?


Keep it simple if you're just starting out with the CoC grippers. A good starting point would be:

3x8 for each hand with a 0212 tempo, 90-120s between sets.

Follow that up with a static hold in the closed position for as long as you can tolerate it.

You should be able to do this every three days or so. Keep upping the reps, or add another set as time goes on. Buy the #2 and you can start adding in some negatives with it until you can close it properly.

Rinse, repeat.


I've never read anyone recommending using tempo for grip work. I think that's a little unnecessary. Low reps are best too. You're working on strengthening the grip, not getting a pump.

Check out the GripBoard or Grippermania, or get Mastery of Hand Strength by John Brookfield.


Dumbass question of the day.

How do you do negatives if you can't close it? Use two hands?


I am still curious about frequency, As I have read in several threads High Frequency for Forearms and Calves is good. Other places state opposite. Any throw down on this?


Yep, squeeze it closed with both hands. Slowly open it with the tension of one.