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Captains of Crush Every Day?

can i do CoC everyday? or should i do it on my off days? or on days? I’m doing a push pill legs split (at the moment) with 1 rest day in between. which days are best?

I’ve only been using CoC for a little while, so I’m far from an expert. However, I would say it’s not realistic to use them everyday, at least not at first. The CoC adds a lot of strain to your hands and forearms and the tendons therein. I’m still trying to see what I can adapt to. However, I find that my performance at the CoC is much reduced the day after doing some serious sets with it, so a recovery period is probably good.

Also, I have found that the CoC will affect my pressing and pull-ups on the next day. This is because my forearms will be sore, which will affect wrist stabilization and also make pull-ups painful (I’m not quite sure why but it’s the combination of gripping while flexing my elbow that causes some pain in my forearms). This is something I am careful of as it seems to be more tendon strain than muscle strain, so it could lead to an injury, it seems.

For this reason, I use the CoC on rest days. I train lower, upper, rest, lower, upper, rest, rest. This way, I never have an upper body workout the day after CoC.

Go to the Ironmind site or gripboard.com, that’s where you’ll find the grip experts. There are a few sample routines, lots of grip articles and so on.

Generally, it is recommend to train grip 3 times per week. 2-3 warmup sets with a light gripper for ten reps or so, followed by 3 working sets with a gripper you can close 4-7 times. After that, you could try 1-2 sets with your “challenge” gripper, ie, a gripper that you are not yet able to close fully. Squeeze the shit out of that sucker, and really fight the negative. And I would very much recommend doing a few sets of extensor work (expand your hands, hand x-band, or just some basic rubber bands), 2-3 sets of 15-20 slow, controlled repetitions. This will balance out your hand development, and help to prevent injury. This light extensor would can be done every day(and should, if you’re hitting the CoC’s hard).

I’d recommend doing grip work following your pull workout, and then again on your off day. If you’re putting the right amount of effort into training grip, you may not want to do it the day before a pulling workout. Of course, everybody seems to recover at different rates, so you can play around with this.

I’m not so sure iron mind is the best place to go for grip. Check out dieselcrew. Jedd Johnson posts tons of videos and articles primarily based on grip. He’s a top grip strength competitor in the world and is very cooperative to work with if you have ?'s.

Jedd and David Horne, and John Brookfield are three of the best guys to go for for info, I’ve seen Jedd and David post on gripboard.com. Jedd has a free 8 week grip program that is pretty sweet, and is much more complete than a routine focused mainly on grippers. On the ironmind site, there is a lot of info and articles by John Brookfield. He has a book out called Mastery of Hand Strength, which I have not read, but the reviews are favourable.