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Captains of Crush - Durability?


For Christmas I got a CoC #1 and I've gotten significantly stronger with it since then. I'm curious though, how consistent is the tension going to be? Will it "wear out" and get easier to squeeze, or is that such a long term thing I don't even need to worry about it?

Not that I think it's worn out already, I know it's much more durable then that. I was thinking on the time scale of months and years.

As an aside, me and my overweight dad have a bet to close the number three, primarily as my stealthy way of goading him into training. Wish the old man luck...


It takes about 50 closes to really season a Gripper and they will last a long time. They do break sometimes, and I am sure over years they might weaken. IM has been getting better and harder springs so it probably be some time before you will have to worried about it.



It's probably hard to do, but avoid stratching or nicking the gripper near the "spring" portion. Just doing this could significantly extend the life of your gripper.


Thanks all.

Sounds like I've got nothing to worry about. I don't keep it in my gym bag or anything, so it's pretty safe. I baby it, you know except for when I squeeze the guts out of it.


Don't worry about it. you could drop these things out of an airplane and it would still be ok. Normally (as mentioned) it takes about 50-100 closes to get it to a level it will pretty much stay at for the rest of its existence.

How are you going about using it if you don't mind going into further detail?


When I got it, just before Christmas, I pretty much dominated the Trainer my dad got and I could only close the #1 about three times or so. What I did was I'd set up and really do one quality effort, i.e. I'd stand, clamp my elbow to my hip bone and squeeze my glutes to make as powerful a grip as I could. Then I did the same thing with the other arm. Then I would chill out and try not to touch the thing for at least an hour. Then I'd do it again. One quality effort at a time. I figured one good attempt that resulted in solidly closing it was better for it and me then limp dicking it with mulitple half efforts.

Naturally, some days I play with it alot more then others, because I quickly discovered my grip strength starts to give out if I play with it too much too frequently. I'm a fan of CW's stuff and think it's better to do a little bit at a time with higher frequency.

Now, three weeks to the day (I think...) since I got it I can close it about ten times with my right and less with my left, like five.

I'd like to start working with a #2 pretty soon.

At home I have a short piece of railroad track I did hammer curls with and a loadable dumbell handle I would hold by a thick end to do leverage bar work with. I also made my own poor man's Eagle Loops out of rope, which I mostly use to hand from my chinning bar by my fingers. That, and deadlifting without straps is pretty much the extent of my grip training.

Hope that wasn't too much detail...


i didnt feel like starting a new post but here goes.. i can dead lift 315 about 2-3 times because my grip sucks and fails on me would i be better off getting the trainer or going to #1 coc gripper based on that info.


You would be better off doing "holds" with a barbell. That will train your grip "specifically" for how you want to use it.

Load up a Barbell, hoist it off the floor and hold it (normal grip) for :60. Do three sets at the end of your workout three times per week.

You will soon see your grip strength in the Deadlift skyrocket!

As far as the COC grippers I have had mine for about 7 or 8 years and I have not seen any drop off in tension.

They really are built to last.


thanks thats a good idea


Well, how strong do ya wanna be?

STEP UP!! Start work on the #2 and maybe the #3 if you can get one.

So I say, get the #1 the #2 and the #3. And do those static holds out of a power rack! Do that and soon you'll be laughing @ that 315 because you'll realise that you OWN that weight!