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Captain Slows WSFSB3 Log

have been reading some logs on here for few wks now so have decided 2 join up in the quest for some serious muscle baby ha!
been training bout a year but only seriously for the last few month anyways decided to post my trainin on here. working on wsfsb3 atm usin home gym (bench, squat rack, oly bar, dbs etc).

hopin that postin on here will help keep me focusd on trainin n keep me from slackin off.
doin rep upper 2 day so will post my trainin inabit mateeee

ok so heres my trainin 4 2day

Rep max
bb bench 50kgs
2x10, 1x5 (was aiming for 3x10 but still improvenment)

vertical pull/reardelt ss 3x8
chin up variation bw 8 each side
seated power cleans 10kg (still learning proper technique)

medial delt
shoulder press 8kg db each (focusing mainly on t.u.t)

traps arms ss 3sets
shrugs 80kg 10 reps x3
tricep kickback 8kg (not realy feelin this exercise)??? 15 reps x3

couple rounds on punchbag to finish and get me out of breathe haha worked nicely
just av 2 take it easy on heavy shots as got some serious damage on my wrist few month ago n only jus startin 2 get full rom in it (so bb curls out question + underhand rows)

chin up variation was i think climber chins? basically held one side of a beam in garage with other hand on other and pulled myself up one side then the other? makin sense??

shrugs felt good tho did use straps as grip not great- yea i will work on it wen i feel my wrists can manage it as tried plate pinching few wks bak n still not great

good workout feelin gd been using usn anablic muscle mass for bout 3/4 days 2 a day n feel im puttin weight on already (in gd way)

m.e lower 2 day. just finished workout will post my session later.
went well i think although i could of gone heavier on deads but im trainin 2 become gym instructor n we were practicing cleans yesterday, they werent heavy but still i feel that trainin twice in 2 days with another session inbetween is pretty hardcore so i reckon nxt attempt ill kill that attempt if i get plenty of rest and food.

if any1 tried wsfsb before wat were ur gains while using it. atm im mainly looking 2 improve my strength but bit of muscle always appreiciated (i havent got that much lol)

m.e lower

deadlift sumo 120kgx2 drop set 100kgx2
(was hoping for bit more than this but it still a pb so why complain?)

split squat bb 2x8 60kgs
was almost dead at this point

ghr 3x8
really startin to like this exercise can almost feel my hamstrings blowing up when i finished lol
over last couple weeks i felt them become alot easier although i think i will finally get one unassisted once i rotate the deads

ab circuit x2 (well almost, abs were really sore)
hanging leg raises
gym ball crunch
gym ball crunch twist
db side bends

felt like another good session. will probly use another exercise for max effort next week, have been tempted to throw in some zercher squats as main just for bit more quad work.
previous pbs are: bench 60kgx3, 90kgx6 squat, 85kg 5reps deads
have been running my wsfsb 3 for about 8 weeks and new records are as follows:
deadlift 120kgx2
squat 115x1
bench ??? will find out soon and post results asap
bodyweight 75kgs start. 8 weeks in around 79kgs (is this decent in 2 months my waist is the same if not slightly smaller).
i think most people will agree that is a reasonable gain in strength for around 2 months>?? im bit unsure wat qualifies as good strength gains tho!
weight increase of around 4-5lbs with most i feel on my hamstrings, back (esp lower n traps)and abit on the chest but i will weigh myself 1st thing tommorow to give a more accurate idea of things.
ive noticed aswel that these muscles seem alot tighter and stronger looking although still nothing to write home about.
daily diet
USN muscle anabolic
1 bannana
1tsp peanut butter
(around 700kcal)


post workout
usn muscle fuel anabolic (around 550kcal)

1.5 hrs later
1 medium sweet potato
(around 500kcal me thinks)

joe weider muscle builder
(was up town so couldnt really get anything solid which was unfortunate)
(420 kcal)

green veg
(around 500kcal)

1 tin mackeral
green veg

(450 kcal approx)

before bed
either turkey breast or
usn pure protein (contains whey, soya, casien)

mix it up from day to day with omlette being a favourite with 4 whites and 1 yolk also lots of oats!!
is this a good diet for my goals? it works around 2800-3000 kcal a day my goals mainly being to build up strength primarily atm with reasonable size gains and keep fat gains to absolute minimum (ffb)

went to the gym today. free pass so i took a look round (some very nice talent)
no workout though just chillin in the ‘relaxation’ section. its amazing how many people purely go gym just to use the sauna, steam room, jacuzi. are they really so unfit they cant climb up the stairs to where the cardio and weight equipment is???
anyways it was alrite if alittle lacking in free weights(nce db section just no rack jus smith machine!!)

decided to knock outa few cleans and snatches and got some odd lucks from just about everyone there (i think my techinique is atleast reasonable btw). loads of upper body strength on most people but chicken legs is this the state of the average gym goer.

i may not be the biggest but whenever i wear shorts i almost always get people telling me i have nice legs they dont comment on the upper though as a series of injuries has prevented any serious work on them in the past but i think that the guns are coming along nicely now ha. anywho i wil go now as if anyone is reading this they have probably fallen asleep. happy lifting.

haha, you might be falling asleep, but remember the world turns, where it is night somewhere else it is day,

like they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

ha erm yeah ok never heard that one sounds like an american saying and yea i forget this site is based across the other side of the pond. i never meant it was late tho as in blighty it was still about 3 when i posted i just meant id been ramblin on which i seem to be doing again…oh well

all i meant was that the average fitness of a gym member didnt look that good , i think ill stick to my garage ha, although there were some very ‘toned’ ladies doing crunches on a swiss ball facing away from me. hello clevage!!

yes i guess im the stereotypical gym pervert but the one ‘toned’ ladies top was so low cut i thought it almost rude not to stare. i got the feeling she didnt mind though.
thank the lord for swiss balls eh?