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Captain of Crush vs. Super Gripper

Captain of Crush:


Ivanko Super Gripper:


I’m going to order one of these when I get paid on Friday. Captain of Crush seems to be the standard for grippers but the Ivanko Super Gripper seems to be much more flexible as regards progression. I’ve heard very little about it though and I’m curious as to why its not more popular if its as good as it seems.

To anyone with experience with these two products, what are there relative merits and which would you recommend to someone who is new to specific grip training?


Ivanko is probably better bang for the buck.

I own both. CoC is a good standard for when you wanna test your grip.

Ivanko is better b/c you can easily adjust the tension on it in small incraments.

If I were going to get one gripper and was looking for the most “bang for my buck,” I’d probably get the Iron Woody Vise Gripper.


It is adjustable like the Ivanko Super Gripper, but has knurled handles like a gripper.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m still undecided, but leaning towards the Ivanko, and possibly the CoC #1 as well. The Iron Woody Vise looks great, but it isn’t stocked by the UK website I order my stuff from.

pullum sports has it , postage is a little pricey though.

[quote]decimation wrote:
pullum sports has it , postage is a little pricey though.[/quote]

Pullum only has the woody gripper which has no knurling. I lurked around gripboard.com for quite awhile earlier and there were very mixed vibes about the Ivanko Super Gripper. I decided to go with the CoC Trainer and the #1.

The lack of versatility is probably a good thing for me if I’m honest. Too many options and I tend to change focus too quickly and get nowhere. £40 for both grippers from Pullum, which is ok, but £8 postage, which is bloody expensive.

Thanks for all the responses.