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captain of crush grippers

hey guys, does anybody know how to train with the captain of crush grippers. The company does not really give you a specific program to use. I am using them to increase my crushing grip for MMA and to boost up my weights in olympic lifting. Any ideas? As of the first time using them I can close #1 fairly easily and can get #2 about 3/4 closed.

Try slow negatives 30-45 seconds and holds in the closed position for 30+ seconds.

Christian Thibaudeau wrote a chinup article that covered grip training here.

It used the CoC grippers.

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I have used the COC grippers for a while. I have closed the #2 6 times with my right hand and 4 times with my left. To date I have not yet closed the #3.

You have to train low reps if you are shooting for a higher gripper. Train your grip no more than twice per week if you are training other pulling/gripping exercises.

Do four sets. Start out with the Trainer and do a warm up set of 15-20. Then go to the #1 and do three sets stopping one short of failure for the first two sets. Go to failure on the final.

Every other week give the #2 a squeeze and see how far you can go. On that same day do one set of negatives with the #2.

Be careful as it is easy to overtrain your grip. Lots of small muscles in the hand.

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where did you guys buy it?


very reasonable prices, even when converted to $NZD!!

hey guys, thanks alot, Zeb I am gonna try your program for the next four weeks and see how it works out. I will make my goal to close the #2 gripper at least 2 times.


Great idea! Let me know how you make out.


Agree with ZEB. When I started w CoC, as with most of us who get new “toys” I would carry the thing around with me, trying to crush at will for I-dread-to-think how many reps throughout the day. Needless to say, my grip didn’t get any stronger.

By following the principle of using the gripper as part of my scheduled workout (twice per week), for defined set training, and most importantly (in my estimation) using negatives, I made more progress in a few weeks than I had in a few months. Although not as strong grip-wise as you on first shot, I have progressed from being unable to close the #1 strictly, to being close to closing #2.

I should add, that grip training if performed on the same day as other exercises needing grip strength- e.g. DL’s, BOR’s, weighted chins, will dramatically lower performance of these lifts. Either perform the grip training AFTER these moves on the same day, or schedule a different day. BUT, leave enough time for recovery and overcompensation.

For generally improving grip strength, CT’s program (T-mag article archives) is a good place to start given the points just made.

I think it’s important to stress too, especially for those who don’t own CoC, the usefulness of just using the lifts to train grip. I rarely use straps now for my lifting, and only on max efforts. Sure, the weight you are able to lift initially drops, but this is due to a muscle imbalance, just like any other, between grip and other body parts. Also, if you use the OL hook grip for say DL or PC, save it for when you really need it.

I can PM you the routine I followed to increase my CoC strength. Given to me by a strongman training friend of mine. Not that dissimilar to ZEB’s in some respects.

Good luck, SRS.


I agree with your statement “just use the lifts to train grip”.

I honestly feel that,the COC grippers put the finishing touch on my grip. However, the enormous amount of Chin-ups and Pull-ups that I regularly do built the grip!