Captain of Crush Grippers in Toronto?

Hi All,

I’m just finishing up 2+ months of field work in the frozen north and am realizing that I need to fill out my portable workout kit. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a bricks and mortar location in the GTA where I could try out and buy some CoCs? I’ve never used them before and expect I’ll need to start with the Sport before getting into the numbered jobbies so want to test this out.

I’m thinking I’ll get the toughest one I can currently close and then the next level up to give me immediate motivation to push that limit.

Thanks and happy holidays, Ian

Sport will be a waste of time unless you are a 95lb woman. If you have been training with weights for some time you will probably be able to close the #1.

PS. You might want to try the to find someone with grippers in Toronto.

If you can deadlift double overhand 225 get the sport.

If you can deadlift double overhand 275 get the trainer.

If you can deadlift double overhand 355 get the #1.

There is no science to back this up, but when I first started lifting I tried out my friend’s COCs and I was able to close the following at the following deadlifts. Again this is just approximate personal experience

There’s a lifting supplies store in Mississauga, called Dotmar Athletics. I know they have them. They’re in the south-east corner of Dixie & Dundas.