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Captain America


What do you think of Chris Evans as Captain America?


there's a topic on this already...


Is that pic for real? There seem to be quite a few fake Captain America ones about.

Wait, silly me, now I see the EntertaineMe Weakly logo. It's real.

Yeah, he's fine for this. I'll likely see it.


i think he's a happy in that pic.


well he's small and he looks like he has lax shoulder pads on.


that costume does look pretty pimp though


Nice avi change. Beast. HolyMac would be a better Capt. America.


Nope, Cap would've set off the Lunk Alarm before he said he was "uploading" the video.



It's not the best angle, but he's definitely put the work into building himself up enough.

I don't think you can legitimately call a guy "small" when he's got rounded delts and fairly prominent lats visible from a front angle.


yeah he is definitely not small.


Haha c'mon guys He isn't pueny(sp) but he is still to small to play captain america. If the Rock was a white guy with blonde haid he'd be perfect.

Plus I can't believe you guys fell for that pic. You're telling me you don't think that's shot at the perfect angle, with the perfect light, and perfect make up, right after he probably did a few curls and military presses?

The guy's to small to play Captain America.


He looks similar in size to the cartoon Superman in your avatar.


Considering it's going to be shot like that the whole movie, that's okay.


yeah I just like his symetry to be honest. I think that guys even to small to play supes.

Ok so you take the Rock you take out his race and hair color, then add in whatever the superheroes race and hair color is...and thats the size that should be portrayed on screen.


Action Shot


This shit is exhausting. EVERYONE IS TOO SMALL TO PLAY EVERY SUPERHERO. If there is anyone out there actually big enough to play a given comic book character there is no way they have any talent in the acting department.

Guys like the Rock and Arnold (who both were complete shit starting out) are the exception, no where near the rule.

I don't want to see Branch Warren play the Hulk, I would PREFER seeing Edward Norton, someone who is a great actor.

Can't we just accept that acting and bodybuilding a mutually exclusive professions? I will gladly continue to watch Dexter Jackson pose in underwear on stage and watch Christian Bale play Batman, I don't feel the need for them to switch.


Good post.

Cast direction for characters playing Vampires still needs work though.


Yep, they're clearly counting on after-the-fact movie magic to have him appear athletically built. Evans spent no time whatsoever adding actual muscle to him frame. [/sarcasm]

Also, a big x2 to everything Vikings said.


Goodness. I can see bitching about Toby Mcgwire's Spider Man because the dude had ZERO real muscle on him. I don't understand this much complaining when the guy is more built than most on the forum.

Cap is pretty big in the comics and his size and presence is part of what causes people to shut up when he talks and give him respect. Yeah, he could have been bigger seeing as "The Super Soldier Serum" is pretty much nothing but a comic book version of Super Steroids.

I would expect someone genetically engineered to be at the height of physical perfection to look more muscular than that....but hey, he did a decent job and at least they didn't go for "Captain Abercrombie".

I think these threads would go better if the guys complaining were at least as big as the guys in the movies they are degrading.


Agreed...way more realistically put together than spandex would have been.