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Capsule Filler Machines.

just wondering if anyone knows a good site where i can buy manual capsule filler machines of good quality for a good price.

i’ve found www.capsuline.com and a much cheaper at www.herbalremedies.com.

ideally, i’d like to find a capsule filling machine that is compatible with sheets for different size capsules. primarily, i’d like a capsule maker that makes SMALL caps <sizes 1 - 4>.


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ya me too, i can down hanfuls of pills at a time.

still i wanna make smaller caps. i wanna buy the 6-cap maker from capsuline.com but i don’t want the standard encapsulating sheet that comes with it. i e-mailed them and asked if they could sub the standard encapsulating sheet for a size 1, 2, or 3 sheet at no extra cost.

i can’t wait to start making caps though seriously. :slight_smile:

My only advise here is to go with the ‘3’ size, as it seems like the company you have mentioned dosn’t have as big of a variety of 4 size, and they can never keep the same colors in stock