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Capsule Anavar

I am pretty new to this as this is my first cycle. I got referred to a hormone replacement therapy place by a friend who is a gearhead, and has used their services with good results. The company even made me see a doctor and get my blood drawn and everything. I thought everything was worthwhile until I got the stuff:

The anavar came in a prescprition bottle with my name on it, (OK so far), but the they are in capsule form. They are white and blue. I have not seen any picture of var on the web that looks like this. But this was supposed to be prescribed by a doctor!

Does anyone know if this is indeed the real stuff? I also got some anastrozole for the prop I will be taking . It is in blue capsules. Again, this was prescribed by a doctor.

My friend since childhood, who is quite the specimen recommended these guys. I met with a doctor and got my blood drawn…all signs point to “yes” until I got the stuff. Are these fake?

Could be that most pics on websites are of black market gear. If you have a perscription filled by a US Pharmacy it’s domestic and real…and not seen by most steroid users. That’s my guess.

I don’t think a legit US Pharmacy would use unapproved stuff.

Does the container say that the medication was compounded. Many times hormone replacement clinics use compunding pharmacies, as they can fill perscriptions cheaper since they are buying bulk powders.