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Capsaicin and Metabolism?

I’ve been reading up and this stuff, the chemical that burns in spicy peppers, actually increases your metabolism over time and has many health benefits.

Has anybody run into this by experience? I’m noticing after about 3 weeks of drowning everything in Tapatio sauce and eating jalapenos and habeneros an increase of blood in my skin, especially after workouts.

I’m hoping this is good and something I should keep in my diet for the long term and to help with my fat loss.

Any biters?

“Increase of blood in my skin” what?

yeah ive been doing this too for about 6 weeks now. I have deffinately felt an increase in blood flow after i eat hot sauce/peppers and throughout the day feel warmer. I eat it with mostly every meal. I do feel it in the gym too and i beleive there is truth to it.

[quote]taintedaether wrote:

Capsaicin, cayenne supplements etc increase metabolism but the incremental expenditure comes from glycogen, not fat.

This is good or bad depending on how to you look at it.
Search through Cy Willson’s old articles called “hot stuff” or something.