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Capping Your Own Supplements?

Has anyone done this? Anyone with a small business maybe doing this? Personal use?

Found tons of items.

Damn thought there would be alot of posts. Maybe anyone get their own products shipped to them. I was curious of the cost of a popular pre workout(one i have used) and found the cost for 60 servings, packaging, your won custom label on your product cost about $6, while it is sold at many retail stores for $49.99

I cap my leucine (by hand) because I can’t stand the taste of it. I’ll cap maybe 40-50 at a time and since I use them infrequently it’s not a frequent chore.

Bushidobadboy wrote about capping machines in the Brain Function Booster threads. Didn’t sound that expensive.

Why do you need to cap it? Is the taste that bad? Can’t you just do a shot?

I took BBB’s advice and cap my own nootropics. Similar products would cost about 2.50$ per day and I think I have it down to 47 cents instead capping my own. Only takes a few minutes, so no problem when I’m watching a movie.

If I knew enough about quality supps outside of those I think I would do that for everything where I’m at in life right now (money wise).