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Capping Powders

ok, so i ordered a 60-at-time capsule filling machine from www.capsuline.com when you order a capsule filling machine from capsuline, they also give you some free capsules with your package, and you must indicate which size capsules you want your capsule filling sheet to fit.

i decided to order a size 3 capsule sheet for my capsule fillig machine to fill, obviously, size 3 capsules.

my question is this: since the capsule sheet part of the capsule filling machine holds the bottom half of the capsules, and you push the powder into the bottom half of all the caps, then cap them with the top half , what is the storage capacity of the bottom half of the capsules?

information is given on the website about capsule specifications, but i’m not sure how to understand it.

if i’m correct, the total capsule <size 3> should hold approximately 277 mg, so i’m assuming the bottom half will hold approximately 138 mg?

bros with capping experience please help me out.

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