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Capping Dbol Question...


want to see if my ratio is right... doesn't have to be exact, just ball parking the mg's.

i wanted about 20mg a cap. wanted it slightly under dosed to get about 50 mg at 3 caps a day.

the caps hold about .55 grams
mixed 36 grams of filler and 2 grams of dbol for 100 caps.

@ 20mg a cap for 100 caps is 2 grams of active ingredient, right???

thanks for the help...


20mg x 100caps = 2g

Are you intending to dose 50mg/day for 33 days then?


I haven't done this before but from what I gather you have 36 grams of filler and 2 grams of active.
Total 38 grams.
38 grams / 0.55 grams per cap = 69 caps.
2 grams active / 69 caps = 0.028985507 grams active per cap
That is almost 30mg per cap if my math is correct.


OP - if you want to use 2g of dbol, and want to use x amount of caps.. then just add more filler. it should be a cheap/benign product anyway..

So by whatever math you understand - just divide the total amount of drug by the total amount of caps.. and add to the amount of total drug the filler to the amount that is equal to the total volume capacity of all the caps.

(it sounds so much worse than it is... shit)

Amount of caps = days on cycle x doses per day
Amount of drug needed = dose per cap x caps
Amount of drug per cap = Total drug amount / caps
Total volume to be filled = 0.55g x caps
Filler needed = dose per cap - total volume to be filled



trying to figure out what went wrong with this situation. i'm sure my math was right enough, my mixing was well enough and the source is a very respected source, but it's been ample time and friends on cycle are not feeling anything. the only thing i can think of is that said source got the powder nolvadex and powder dbol mixed up. both compounds look almost identical except the nolva seemed a little moist and if i pinched it it caked slightly. the dbol was straight white powder with almost no grit and didn't cake and had no moisture. i'd like to figure out the problem asap, though.

thanks you guys...


so, can anyone tell me if theres a good way to figure out which is which? i've got my friend off what was supposed to be the dbol (he wasn't feeling it after more than 2 weeks @50mg a day) and have him taking what is supposed to be the nolvadex @ 40mg a day. i figure 40mg a day of nolva will be safe so i'm hoping we'll know in a few days if they've got the compounds mixed up. is this a good idea, lol... anyone???


There may well be an easier way but you could compare melting points of raw material that hasn't been mixed with filler.

edit - I'm bored so I looked it up. Tamoxifen's mp is 141C, while dbol's is apparently 163-167C. Tamoxifen is also far, far more soluble in alcohols and acetone than dbol, so that's another possibility for you.


so the tamox is about 285f and the dbol is about 325f. maybe i should put them both on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to about 300 and see which one melts first??? obviously the nolvadex will melt first....


Oven temperatures are notoriously inaccurate, so if that's the best you have make sure you use a decent cooking thermometer.