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Capitalism: A Love Story


Wanted to watch this for the longest time, finally just saw it and holy shit. I didn't think it was possible to hate businessmen and politicians anymore then i already did.


Great now we have another communist! You went and drank AC's water, didn't you?


Way to fall for the propaganda, brah.


Every single one of them or just the ones carefully picked and edited in the movie?

I'm all for opening the window on corruption, manipulation, injustice, the scams and the inequality and i'd agree there is just so much that is wrong and so much that is worth changing but i'd rather live in the here and now than in the social strata i would have ended up in under any historical era under any other political system.

Moore is good at what he does, but his stuff is also tortuously manipulative, one sided, short on deep analysis and overly emotive. A good counterpoint and worth getting in a society all too dominated by shopping malls and reality tv but this is not the whole story.

I hear he won't do deadlifts or squats either...


My Sweet Sweet lemonade!


I don't know if i'd say moore is tortously manipulative. It is obviously a one sided story as are most documentaries. Although personally I'd never been a fan of the whole capitalism ideal, mind you it's not really capitalism either when you bail out companies. I guess I've just always been of the "how many fucking cars do you need" mentality.


Moore doesn't know the fist thing about capitalism and he did an excellent job of demonstrating that in the movie.


Sicko was a great show,I don't even like the guy but that really opened my eyes to some shit.


The first thing you need to realize is that capitalism is not about need. I only need 1 car but if I'm talented, skilled, motivated, driven and ambitious enough to earn enough money to buy 5 cars, why shouldn't I?


Because more often than not (waaaay more often) things are done corruptly and to the detriment of others. I.E screwing families over for commissions etc. Ive worked with kids who, at the age of 22, were rich. I mean 4 cars, properties, brieghtling(?) watches etc. They fucked people over with mortgage refinancing etc. Think about the movie boiler room. Capitalism is hard because of greed. If greed didnt exist then there would be no problems. Look at goldman sachs' "Fabolous" Fabrice. That guy is heartless. Selling stock he knew was crap to widows and families. Too much of this happens everyday.


Take this post with a grain of salt....
Sickabs is half black, so for all we know his idea of rich is a 22 year old with 4 POS cars with spinning rims and a kick ass system....


That's not capitalism. That is people committing crimes outside of the capitalist system.

And I'd like to see some support that most wealthy people have acquired such wealth by being corrupt and to the detriment of others. That's simply not true.

Edit - and before you come back with that "It's a result of capitalism" nonsense, there are "greedy" people willing to operate outside the system in ANY type of economy.


Read the paper/ look at the news? Didnt wall street corruption cripple our economy and destroy Greece's? Look, I'm obviously a cog in the capitalistic system. I buy $250 sunglasses, armani exchange everything etc. You earn it, you buy it. I like that, but given the opportunity the majority of people would do something illegal to make goobs of money. Look at our politicians for fucks sake. You got Rob blagoyavich trying to sell senate seats! You got people hiring illegal immigrants to capitalize on property investments. I know the last one first hand. Flipping properties and hiring illegals for dirt cheap to make a huge profit. Im only 24 but I know the game. Shit you got people at gnc selling old people No Explode because they get an extra $4 commission.


You got your shot back at me. Are you happy? Even though you dont have enough money to own 1 piece of shit car.


Your edit came after my post. The United States has the most corruption in business/politics and government than any other nation(we're talking progressive countries, not thrid world etc). Dont misunderstand me. We rose to become the greatest nation through our ideals etc but as we continue to progress I believe without some changes things can only get worse. More wealth funneling into the top 1%.


Moved to PWI in 3... 2... 1...



Ya... Well you're from Penyslvania! Oooh burn!

How do you prove that American businesses and governments have the most corruption of all the developed nations?? Or is this one of those, "the most powerful are the most corrupt" arguements?


I think it's because you read the paper/look at the news that you feel this way. The main stream media is complete crap.

I'd elaborate but I actually have work to do today. :confused:


Thats actually quite the burn. I wish, with every part of my being, that I lived in Cali. I'm extremely jealous of you. Not being sarcastic in the least. The girl i've been hooking up with (B.D.D thread) just moved here from Cali 4-5 months ago. She keeps telling me thats where I belong.