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Capitalism: A Love Story



Have at it guys, your thoughts?


I would contend that we have not had true capitalism in this country for at least 100 years, if ever. We have had Socialism in Capitalism clothing (yeah, probably not the best metaphor but I'm not at my peak at the moment). To blame what we have experience on capitalism is intellectually dishonest. I think the problem is that the liberal media has so strongly tied pure greed to the term capitalism that now they are virtually considered interchangeable. They are not.


No country has ever had pure capitalism.. Just like there has never been pure communism. Both are great on paper but they need their checks and balances.


Technically, capitalism is by definition a system of checks, while socialism actually requires the absence of checks.


Nicely put.


All I can say is, "what's new?"

The war on capitalism started a long time ago. Michael Moore can not even be original with any arguments so I cannot imagine why I would go see it.

Suffice to say "Capitalism" is what allowed me to see this lame trailer on teh interwebz and not sitting in an overpriced, air-conditioned theater.


The word is "fascism".


I agree with every one that is not capitalism that is the way the Republicans have stacked the deck for the wealthy.


sigh...you do realize you only have it half right...?

Seriously, you cannot be this simple.


Its the way government stacks the deck in favor of its friends.


It strange that people actually want government have the power to steal and then are flabbergasted when it does.

Yes, the rich are better at working the system, one of the reasons why they are rich in a mixed economy.


I'll probably see it. I've liked some of his stuff better than others. I despise -isms as they are used today. Most people don't understand what capitalism, socialism or communism are. It's always exploitative to use those terms when you're trying to make a point in any direction.


It is strange indeed. I guess blue must just be a more honest colour than red.


Fucking thank you...


Remind me again who wants the Government to steal?

The reason why the rich are better at working the system is because the system itself is constructed to benefit them at the expense of the poor.


You are putting the cart before the horse.

I assume no one wants the government to steal - at least not from themselves. Problem is most people can't see the theft.


This is my first venture into PWI, and I'm sure there are some of you who think I should keep my angry little ass in SAMA. If so, sorry to disappoint... but it should be fun. I look forward to getting to know some new folks. LOL

IMHO, "isms" are systems. Each system is different, and they all have different sets of rules, boundaries, historical triumphs and tragedies, people that support a particular ideology and and those that HATE said ideology... There is no "perfect" system that will make everyone happy because everyone has a different threshold for risk. (I submit that as human populations grew and societies and civilizations were born, they created law and order and various political systems to mitigate individual risk - i.e. there is safety in numbers, but how do you manage a bunch of status-hungry Humans in the same geographical area?)

We Humans are selfish by nature. We want to survive and find the best chances for our families (or Tribes) to survive and thrive. Therefor we find LOOPHOLES. Every system has loopholes. There will always be people in power that have an advantage over those that are NOT in power, be it through family connections, wealth, blackmail, or whatever. No matter WHICH system you are in, smart people will always find a way to be successful no matter what. Or they will die trying. It's just human nature. Human nature will CORRUPT any system to gain an advantage. I think that we can all acknowledge that - History proves it time and time again, yet we are continuously surprised. LOL

It's like a puzzle. Once you figure it out, you have the advantage, also known as the "one up" position. If you are NOT in the "one up" position, get there. Or not. Or leave. But don't bitch about it. Take responsibility for where you are and if you don't like it, do something about it. Work the system! It all comes down to the survival of the fittest.

Back to topic, I will probably see the movie - if only for the entertainment value.


So these rich people don't depend on poor people to mow their lawns and stuff?

You're a pretty simple fella, ain'tcha?

You make is sound like these rich people do not pay wages.

It is actually government that enslaves people if you have ever paid attention to history lessons...? but yes, they definitely want you to believe it is rich business men with all the power just so it takes all the heat off of them.

Don't look now but those evil capitalists are at it again with all their interwebz and high-rise buildings and stuff!!!


Sounds like libertarianism to me.


The income tax was introduced to get at the rich.

Never ever would the middle class be taxed and never ever would the tax exceed 7%.

10 years later, after Wilson had dragged the US into WW1 kicking and screaming a lot of people paid income tax and the highest progression was 77%.

It is always sold as stealing from the rich and ends up strangling the middle class.