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Capillary Recruitment, Overall Body Function


Hello all. I am currently trying to put together a beginners weight training program for myself, however before I do this I feel that I need to put some sort of training in place to 'get the blood flowing' and recruit better lung function etc. I feel this is how I need to start training as it sort of makes a foundation if I can recruit more capillary's and have better lung function before I start weight training?

About a month ago I read over an article on hear which has some information on this. If I remember right it included training for: capillary recruitment, better lung function, muscle strengthening and I'm sure it had some form of sprints training for fast twitch muscle fibre recruitment. I have searched the forums but to no avail. If anyone can point me in the right direction would be extremely great full. Thankyou.


Do you have a health condition that's causing decreased lung performance? If not, I'm not sure why you're emphasizing that benefit so much.

If you've never exercised before, or if it's been years since you're trained consistently, there's some school of thought that agrees with "reintroducing" the body to training by starting with higher rep work for a few weeks before increasing the intensity.

But for the majority of people, as long as you're currently healthy, you can pretty much jump into any well-designed program that's appropriate for your goals and current conditioning, and you'll see pretty similar benefits in the long run.

If you're talking about this article from June:
Then the type of program mentioned (training four times a week, two session heavy/lower rep and two sessions relatively lighter and moderate to higher rep) is a solid plan. Here's a version of that kind of template with a bodybuilding emphasis:


Thankyou for the information Chris.


I cringed pretty hard when I saw this thread . OP, make sure that you are putting first things first... Choose a solid program ( I would NOT make one up if you are a beginner). Figure out the basics of nutrition, and worry about capillary recruitment when you become a trainer or are really advanced.

My 2 cents.


I would have to say that your fine, unless you have a pretexts insisting cardiopulmonary condition. I also agree that you should not write your own program.